Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Christmas Miracle

I don't have much time this morning to write because I have to finish a research paper :(
But I just have to express my gratitude for something amazing, a Godsend. All night last night I slept with a smile. Someone, or many people, has done more for me than they will ever realize.

Last night Jonathan and I went out to our friend's house for games, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. It was a wonderful time (we played Settlers and it rocked like always). Anyway, we left at about 10 and as we pulled into our parking spot, a massive blur of color stood on our porch. We sat there and gawked for about 10 seconds before Jonathan said, "Um. Someone left something in front of our door." It wasn't just something-it was many things. Huge things. We could hardly see our front door. We both got out of the car anxiously and I did a quick eye-scan of the items: a baby swing, bouncer, some long heavy bag (which we later found out was a play yard), play mat, footstool for our rocker (how did they know we needed one of those?), a crib mattress (and how did they know we needed that?!), and much more. I couldn't believe my eyes. We have been struggling with our money, wondering if we did the right thing in deciding to have a child. And here was the Lord saying, "See? It's okay. I am looking out for you."
Oh, and our once snow-covered driveway had also been shoveled completely clear. We have yet to buy a shovel.

Over our wreath was a sign that simply said, "Merry Christmas Dennett family! Love, Santa Claus." Whoever you are, Santa or not, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us this Christmas miracle. You are an angel. God bless.