Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Penelope at 1 month

Before Christmas comes I suppose I should write about how it's been having a third addition to our family :)

Penelope is perfect. We all just adore her! Here are a gazillion pictures for you all to enjoy.

{one week old}
disclaimer: I do not profess to be a newborn photographer, and taking pictures of teensy babies is a LOT harder than it looks...but I tried!

 All snuggled up in the blanket that my grandmother made when Charlotte was a baby.

{one month old}

A friend of mine makes these darling little newborn mittens. She asked if I would take pictures for her etsy shop, and in return I got to keep a few pairs for Penelope! Plus it gave me an excuse to take more pictures of her... :)

One month FLEW by (minus the sleepless nights...) !! We are finally starting to get into a bit of groove with when she eats and sleeps. Some nights she'll wake up to eat every 3 hours, sometimes she sleeps for 8 hours straight! It really just depends on how exciting the day was, haha... and when we bathe her or let her shower with us before bedtime she always sleep much deeper.

At her two weeks old appointment, she had gained a whole whopper of a pound. She already wears size 3 month clothes, too. So needless to say she's kind of a chunk- but we like chunky babies round here!

Talmage & Charlotte totally love this sweet, squishy babe. They like singing to her and bouncing the bouncer, giving her snuggles and kisses, and sticking the binky in her mouth. Often they come up to her and say "Oh she's soooo cute!" For the longest time Charlotte would say "She's so wittle-cute." Talmage thinks her expressions and grunts are hilarious. It's never boring ;))

We've really loved having a brand new baby in time for Christmas! When we play/hear songs about the birth of our Savior I hug P a little tighter and think about the sweetness and purity of little ones. There really is no better feeling than holding a new baby.

One sad truth that I've witnessed with three different children now is that they grow up way too quickly. Within a few weeks time the "newborn-ness" is already gone. It makes me weepy...we've definitely learned to cherish EVERY precious moment while they last.

We love you, Poppy Lynne!