Thursday, November 29, 2012

hot glue fix

Sometimes I get an urge to use my glue gun. And I think up projects that involve me gluing something. Because- let's face it- hot glue just has that magical therapeutic property.

The good news was that two of my Christmas projects involved LOTS and LOTS of glue. Now, in order to do a lot of gluing I have to wait until both children are sound asleep. If not, Charlotte would surely pick up the glue gun in the millisecond that I'm not looking and do something horrific like put it in her mouth, and Talmage would constantly be watching me with his face real close to the end of the glue gun, pulling away all the tiny strings and playing with them. So-I awaited their naps. I had about a two hour window from the time their heads hit the pillows so I began gluing like a maniac!

First project: Ruffled Burlap & Linen Tree Skirt

I wish I could say I came up with this myself, but actually this tutorial is all over Pinterest. There were lots of different combinations but I liked the softness of the linen and its contrast with the rugged burlap. 

I just LOVE all the ruffles! They make the tree look so much nicer...kinda like ruffly snow cascading down its trunk. 

By the way, we chopped down this tree when we were in Idaho for Thanksgiving. Yes! A REAL tree! For one we have never had a full-sized tree before, and now not only is it HUGE but it smells good too! Best part, and don't judge me- it's needles are prickly so the kids don't mess with it. yessss.....

Did you notice the stockings hung with care? ha ha. Someday I will have a pretty fireplace to hang stockings on. For now I will use nails!

Second project: Paper Loop Trees

These were really fun! I got the cones on sale from the craft store, cut paper strips, and glued them on. They look very Christmas-y on my DIY dollar store trays.

I made some others with silver glittery paper. They make a nice backdrop for my Precious Moments nativity :]

So, needless to say, my fingers were slightly hurting after all that gluing. But it was worth it :)

Monday, November 26, 2012


In not so many words...our Thanksgiving this year was...

                                                                           perfect :]