Monday, November 19, 2012

our 9 month-er

Charly Mae is 9 months old! I know its cliche to say where did the time go....but seriously, where did it go?!

Some huge 9 month milestones:

-stands on her own for a record of 6 seconds
-eats real food, not just the mashed up stuff in a jar
-has her 2 bottom teeth and now 2 front teeth!
-cracks up hysterically when kissed or tickled by her brother

We love her so much! Among the craziness of life, and Talmage's constant energy (which we also love), Charlotte brings sweet and soft into our days. I love kissing her tiny little mouth and LOVE squeezing her chunky legs. I love seeing how excited she gets when she hears the bath faucet running water, or when Talmage gives her a car to play with. She is perfect :]

Happy 9 months baby girl!

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