Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Life Be Like...

strange. That's all I can say.

Because Jonathan is in school all day, and I am not, and work consists of 3-6 hours a week, I find myself with a LOT of free time.
Ways that I put this time to good use: decorate the nursery, watch old movies on AMC and TCM, bake..bake..bake away, clean, paint things, talk to mom and friends on the phone...among other seemingly nonchalant activities. But honestly, I love it. I have more time to free my thinking and relax. I read stuff that normally I wouldn't have time for. I create new crockpot recipes and keep things in order. I plug my ears into my favorite music and let it take over. I daydream endlessly about bringing a child into our family and the kind of mother that I hope to be. I sleep, because my body demands it, and it is so refreshing. This is the first time in my whole life that I have not been either in school or working, and I think it is needed. To put myself back together.

It is a precious time, and everyone keeps telling me to enjoy it "while it lasts". Can I just say how tired I am of hearing that phrase? "Get all your sleep now, while it lasts...." "Be sure to give your hubby lots of attention, while it lasts..." "Get all that you need to get done now, while it lasts..." "BE A SUPER HUMAN NOW, WHILE IT LASTS..." You know, I'm pretty sure that I realize what life will be like with a baby. I have seen it and witnessed it and heard about it for the last year...and I could not be more anxious for April to come. It's going to be tough and crazy and exhausting to say the least, but I don't need to be put back in my place just because I am enjoying *this* time. that is all.

Well....I'm not exactly sure where this is all coming from. I guess I just have a lot going on this head of mine- so many feelings- that my heart is a little more delicate than usual. So bear with me people. But what matters is that, overall, I am happy. This hasn't always been easy for me, so..."while it lasts" just let me enjoy it.

Life is to be cherished at every stage. I don't think that Heavenly Father would send us off to earth with "Now when times are tough, nothing will cheer you up. But you can be happy during the times when its easy and free." It is *most important that we keep our heads up during those hard times. We can exercise our capacity to love even further when it is difficult.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's a new year! Time flies so fast...I can't believe all that's happened in the last 356 days...

For starters, it was my first year to be married. And married life totally rocks. I mean, singledom had its occasional perks, but this is a whole new world. I never believed that I could love someone enough to want to stay with him forever, nor did I believe that someone could reciprocate such love. One year ago, on December 19th, I was sealed to a very good man for time and all eternity. We dated for only two weeks before we became engaged, but in the days that followed I learned only one revealing truth: that I can find more reasons to love Jonathan every day and there exists no other person who can make me as happy as he does.

In the last year I have also earned an Associate's Degree from BYU-Idaho- and I went out with a bang! All straight A's this last semester :) I am grateful for the opportunity to be educated in such a wonderful place. I wouldn't have done it anywhere else. My high school was pretty rad, too. Boy was I a lucky duck. However much I enjoyed all the crazy classes, I'm done with school for a while. I need some more time now to figure out how to pursue the rest of my career life. After four major switches, I've come to realize that I really don't know what I want. But I do know I will figure it out. And when that day comes I will be a very happy woman :)

The number one reason for putting a hold on college, though, is that I will be a mommy in April! That's in just 3 months! Jonathan and I are so excited :) Our son's name is Talmage Grant Dennett, and I know he's just as anxious to get here as we are! His room is almost all done, and already friends and family have given us so much love and support. He's going to be so spoiled...haha :/

Well, Jonathan just informed me that he has a fever again. So I should probably go tend to my sick hubby...school starts again for him in just 4 days so he needs to get better!
Happy New Year everyone!