Friday, April 10, 2015

Penelope at 5 months

It seems like these monthly updates are painfully close to each I'll keep it short & sweet.

At her doctor appointment yesterday, our doc said she was tall but her weight was almost under the curve. So we are going to brave the rice cereal soon :) Gotta chunk her up!

She still isn't sitting up but loves being on her tummy looking at everyone and everything. When she got a cold a few weeks ago she stopped saying "dada" and "mama" and "nana". So I hope when she feels better she will start talking again! Because it was the cuuuutest.


love my Poppy girl. :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter goodness

Easter is on Sunday, but as per usual we will be celebrating the "fun" side of it (baskets, egg hunt, etc.) on Saturday. The kids have NOT stopped talking about it. That's probably my fault...I talk about the Easter Bunny maybe a little too much. It's so fun to lie to my kids and get them pumped up about mythological creatures....ha ha, but really, all kidding aside- I love this holiday and I love that its centered around the resurrection of Christ. This weekend we will be enjoying General Conference at home, and it's really the perfect timing. For one, even though the sickness in our household has far improved from last week, I now have the bug as well as my girls. So relaxing at home sounds reeeeally nice. Second, I am in dire need of some motivation and inspiration from the Church leaders right now. Lots of things weighing heavily on my heart and mind. I'm looking forward to listening to our prophet and apostles speak words of wisdom!

Last week we were able to get out and take Easter pictures of the kids, even though Charlotte and Penelope have a constant stream of snot running out of their noses. I had to edit the boogers and redness out, but you can still tell from the pictures that they are feeling lousy. haha. Maybe I'm a mean mom for making them pose for pictures when they're sick,'s for the sake of our family journal! And they had fun, kinda. Afterwards we changed them into play clothes and they played at the park. I'm so glad we got out when we did, because every day thereafter has been rainy and cold!

Once again, I got shutter happy and took way too many pictures. Ah well...enjoy!

and just for kicks, here are some funny ones of Talmage coaxing a squirrel to pick up an Easter egg :)

Have a HOPPY weekend, everyone!