Friday, June 26, 2015

Penelope at 7 months

This is way late, but here it goes!
at 7 months:
*she wants to be held ALL the time, by me. Just me. The only break I get is when Jonathan comes home and suddenly she's content playing on the floor. (what the...?)
*snorts like a little piglet (she's been doing this for a few months but it just gets cuter the more she does it). 
*loves baby Einstein movies and will drop whatever she is doing to watch with her mouth gaping open.
*is super (and overly) brave in the water. Like when she's in the bath or kiddie pool she will try to crawl and even puts her face down into the water. I'm always right there to pull her out, of course- but its crazy! She never even cries when she goes under.
*crawls everywhere! And really fast, too. It's really funny.
*pulls up on things to stand. Such a big girl!
*says "dada" "mama" & "baba"
*eats all kinds of canned baby food goodness. her favorite snacks are cheerios & mum-mums.
*still sleeps with us...but at least she sleeps!
*teething all the time but still no toofers!
*loves sitting outside and watching nature. It is her happy place.
*when I hold or rock her, she soothes herself by pinching my nose, putting her fingers in my mouth, and pulling my hair. She's actually mastered how to use both hands to do as many of those as possible at one time. 
*unlike our other babies, she actually chews on her chewy toys. 
*makes the cutest little duck face you ever did see.
*is still quite petite. At church she was playing with another baby 2 months younger than her, and that baby towered over her. I hadn't realized until then just how small she really is. 

love you, sweet P.