Friday, March 26, 2010


Just a forewarning,this post is all about how great I think my husband is. It is very mushy and that is because I think he's pretty darn great.
I've been thinking a lot today about Jonathan becoming a dad. Funny how this whole time I wondered about my motherly abilities and how I will handle it all, when all that anxiety would be soothed had I considered the equally important role of father.

Jonathan grew up as the "baby brother" with 3 older boys, and the only sibling younger than him is his sister. He has little experience with newborns and worries that he won't know what to do. I worried a little about this, too, since I don't know what I'm doing either. I stopped worrying when I saw him with his sister.
There is no one more sweet, more understanding, and more tender than Jonathan with Cressa. He plays with her like a little kid and makes sure she is comfortable. He finds new ways to help her use her arm that is slightly shorter than the other, and in turn strengthens her physical ability. He has deep concerns for her about being accepted and loved by her friends. And whenever they are together you can tell that he is her best friend.

Jonathan may not feel ready for a little newborn, but he already does things for me that I know will be magnified with his son. For the last 3 weeks I've had a cold and stuffy nose (thank you pregnancy) and he has picked up more than a million snotty tissues off the floor, heated up hot pads for me in the middle of the night, given me hour-long foot and back massages, stroked my forehead when I couldn't sleep, and many more little things that have made this last 9 months *lots easier. On some days, he comes back from his early class and finding me still sick in bed, crawls in and helps me relax back into sleep instead of doing what he would probably prefer. Not to mention, before I ever got pregnant he would do those same things "just because".
And he cares about my mental and emotional well-being, too. For my sanity's sake, he gets me out of this apartment and brightens my days with road trips, beautiful rivers and mountains, planting a garden, or just walking around the mall and letting me spend time in my favorite stores. He will actually stand in Bath and Body Works with me and smell every single candle and wallflower, giving his two-bits with each one.

Jonathan is also an excellent cook. He brings trout back from the river and grills it fresh, and I haven't tasted anything more savory in my entire life. It should also be noted that I haven't felt like cooking for the last, oh, 5 months but Jonathan doesn't complain. He is happy to make me pancakes for dinner if I so want them.
All of that being said, I have absolute faith that this man will be a wonderful father. He is so charitable and loving that I can't possibly imagine him not being there when I, or the baby, need him. I know that he is excited, and he shows it a little more each day. Yesterday I caught him sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery, cuddling the baby's pillow to his face :)Having him by my side calms so many of my fears about the next few weeks. I could not do this without him. I officially feel ready to start our family!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tick Tock

I am having a baby in a month
or less.

It just hit me about two days ago when a bunch of girls at a baby shower told me they all delivered 2-3 weeks early. Of course I was overwhelmed. Of course I thought, "Three weeks early is next week." And of course the first thing I did when I got home was make sure I had preemie outfits, just in case.

So far things are pretty good. I just have achy joints, a cold, and heartburn 24/7. I know it could be a lot worse so I'm not complaining. Yesterday I spent like $30 on medicine for it all and, needless to say, I slept like a newborn baby last night. That is except for the potty breaks every 2 hours. :D (As a side note, it cracks me up when people tell me to enjoy my sleep while I can. Um. What sleep? haha...) We are going to the doctor weekly now and according to our doc Talmage is head-down and weighs about 6 lbs. at this point. I haven't felt contractions or anything close yet but I know its only a matter of time. And every day I can feel the baby move more. It really is strange feeling his head and shoulders grind against my pelvic bone...Jonathan likes it when he sticks his feet out from under my ribs cause you can see it plain as day and even grab it! And then he'll say, "I can see you, Tow-mudge" hehe. I love that.

The doctor we saw this last time is new at the clinic and such a blessing to me right now...the other two doctors, though wonderful people, I just haven't felt comfortable with. And now with so little time left it is comforting to know that there is someone who I trust to deliver this baby. Hopefully he will be available that day!

Speaking of babies, there are so many new babies coming in my ward right now...I have like four more showers to go to before mid-April- hopefully I can make it to most of them! I really don't mind though because of the turn-out that I had at my shower. I am still so thankful that it went so well, and any way that I can return the thanks I am all for it.

Oh, and for those of who asking for an updated belly pic, here ya are. If Jonathan didn't have my camera and my face wasn't swollen I would pose a head-to-toe. But, this is all I got.

This weekend Jonathan's mom & sister are coming to help wrap up things up before our little one arrives. I couldn't be more grateful for them, and although I miss my family that is too far away to visit right now, their support is equally treasured. And thank goodness for my husband...he really tries to do all he can to make me feel better or calm my anxieties or fulfill my cravings :D He is just as excited to see and hold Talmage as I am.

Loves to you all!

Friday, March 5, 2010

On A Sunday

Lately things for Jonathan and I have been slowly smoothing out. Our stresses about this summer are still there, but I know that the Lord is helping us figure it all out.

The biggest issue is a job for Jonathan. He has been very eager to try out something either in Theraputic Recreation or with the Bureau of Land Management. He has filled out countless applications and heard back from none of them. Months ago, he turned in his application to the BLM office and now they tell him they won't hire seasonally because of their budget. This would have been nice to know, say...two months ago? But what can ya do? SO a few days ago he attended a Career Fair here on campus. There he ran into his previous employer from last summer, manager at Heise Hot Springs and a good friend to our family. Heise really loved Jonathan when he worked there for his internship, and it was low-stress, easy to manage, and quite rewarding....the manager told him that he would love to have J come back this summer to work and start him at a higher salary. Jonathan, though, is the kind of person that likes to change things up. The thought of returning to work at Heise isn't his first choice- but for right now it is our best option. A job is a job! And in Rexburg, good jobs to support families are very hard to find.

The other stress is our debt. But hopefully these tax returns will get here soon and we can fix some of that! I also have money coming from Mary Kay for all that product I never sold :) And...Jonathan just became a fitness consultant with an online program called Beachbody that we hope will bring in some extra income each week.

And then there is this little boy on the way.
It is scary, yes, but I have to keep looking at it from a grateful perspective. We have been so blessed throughout this entire pregnancy with insurance, health, and supportive friends and family. There have been absolutely no complications and I am measuring right on track- according to the doctor. The nursery is complete and I really like it, actually :) I can't wait to be a mother and hold our sweet little bundle in my arms all day long. There are still plenty of things to fret over but why should I? I will never be a first-time mom ever again- this is the one and only chance I have. What a precious time :)

And like a cherry to top off our sundae of success is the new Wii! My parents were so gracious to send us their Wii because they don't play it very much. It came last night and we have been having a blast together playing it, hehe. It will be nice to have something in this house that we can do together and enjoy.

To end today's post I just wanted to put up these pics from last Sunday. After church we felt like getting out of the house, so we went to Warm River and fed the fishies :) It is one of my favorite places to go in the winter because it is nearly empty of people and full of snow-bank beauty.
Of course Jonathan couldn't resist pulling out his fly pole...crazy boy trudged through 5 feet of snow in his swim trunks...We are ready for you now, Spring!