Thursday, March 20, 2014

oh, yeah...I have a blog!

I think I forgot that I had a blog for the last month and a half...ha.

Seriously, though. Life is just busy! Busy but also lame at times. Like this last week, for instance. I've been stuck at home with the flu and it is not my definition of fun.

It started with Talmage...he had a high fever for about three days accompanied by lots of coughing. We even had to put him back in diapers for a few nights because he had zero bladder control at night. I felt so bad for matter how many times your child gets sick, it doesn't get any easier. It is always hard to see them suffer..well he got over it (mostly..) and then I got it. I never had a fever but just about every other symptom there is..and then Jonathan's throat began to hurt and he ran a fever all day while at work. Charlotte has started coughing incessantly, too, so now she has the devilish flu as well. I say FLU but I don't really know what it is...calling it a "cold" seems too mild of a word.

However, its times like this that show me how much I have to be grateful for. Jonathan was able to take off work for two days to stay home with me, and this isn't something he can do easily since he leads therapy groups and has to be there for them. He even got paid for the days he took off. Talmage and Charlotte have been extra sweet and since they were sick-ish, they took LONG naps and went right to sleep at bedtime- which meant that I could nap and go to bed early, too. I'm grateful that Walgreens is 200 yards away from our house so that we can rent redbox after redbox. Frozen came out yesterday, too, so that kept the kids distracted while I laid on the couch and took it easy. I had to re-schedule Activity Days since I was in charge, but luckily that was no problem at all. Another tender mercy- Sunday we all were able to go to church because it was the one day we all felt okay. Monday morning was terrible, but Sunday= great! I'm glad we didn't have to miss it, or have to find subs for our class. Our kids LOVE nursery/primary and when they have to miss it they become very aware of the fact.
Sooo...what do I have to write about? Even though it's been several weeks I can't think of anything blog-worthy :) Our St. Patrick's Day was pretty fun. The kids had Lucky Charms for breakfast, and while they napped I made some "mischief" in the bathroom (that's not what it sounds!). When they woke up, they discovered Mr. Leprechaun had visited- he even took a bath and made the water green! All the kids really cared about were the chocolate gold coins... haha.

 For dinner we had green pancakes, lime jello jigglers (yuck), and green mango smoothies. And a few hours later we made rainbow fruit pizza- which to be honest, did not taste as good as I thought it would. Oh well. It was pretty looking.

Other than blowing our noses constantly, sounding like a coughing circus, and eating lots of green-colored things- we've been able to play a lot outside when the weather is nice. We've gone on lots of walks around the neighborhood and out a few times with friends. We especially love Bush Park and the Carousel downtown! Oregon is so peculiar, though. It can beautiful and sunny one hour and then the next hour it's a rainstorm and freezing cold. Kinda makes it hard to plan outings...

A couple of times, when it's really warm, we've noticed a few deer behind our house. They don't scare too easily so we've gotten pretty close to them before they dash off behind the woods. I love to spot them out there. And if we walk through the tree farm, our neighbor's animals are accessible to visit and pet. They have llamas, goats, chickens, and horses. (We only pet the goats, haha..llamas scare the crap out of me.)

So that's it for now. I'm ready for SPRING! :)