Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recent Escapades

YES, we just returned from a fabulous trip in Zion's National Park camping and catching tree frogs...
but NO I have no pictures of any of it because I was being mindless :/
I do have these pictures though of our little hike up the Menan Buttes- or "R" Mountain as the locals call it. The "mountain" is actually an ancient volcano- I found its history very neat to learn about. Others here in Rexburg appreciate this monument that stands to represent our little town. It was also nice and cool because we went at about 7 in the evening in overcast weather. Enjoy!A flower Jonathan picked for me :)
Sporting his Natives.The view from the top! Sort of...If you look closely, you can SEE the rain showers!

And since some of you have been asking, here are some pics of my new haircut! I cut five inches off!!! I seem to be getting short hair-cuts a lot these days :) This time I went to Paul Mitchell Hair Academy and was very impressed. For 3 bucks more than what I'm used to paying I was totally pampered. And I tell you what- once you have a scalp massage you can never go back.
The end :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Flat hair is SO last year...Bump it up with Bumpits!"

Megan came over for girl's night and we decided to try these infamous hair-spoofers out! :)

ps- Can you tell that my hair is now a "soft blackish" rather than "poopy dishwater brown"? This lighting actually makes it look more brown than black...but take my word on it: It's right there between vampire queen and Jessica Alba.
Our attempt to photograph the backs of our heads.
Megan's bumped updo!

My bumped french twist!
Never again will I be deemed a flathead. Thank goodness.
The hair spray made our heads very shiny.
Not sure if I will wear these out in public but they do make *quite* a difference. The pictures really don't do my dinosaur-head justice.

eh, girls just wanna have fun :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

One Fine Day

A few days ago we went our for our first bike ride of the summer. It was the only sunny day of the week that we were both home- so we took off in high hopes! But first, Jonathan had to fix his bike...what a handy man :) Oh yeah, and I got my bike! I was pretty excited :)

It really was a beautiful day, but on the way home it rained again. Ah well.

One thing I neglected to think of was- we live on a hill. And in order to get home one has to ride UP that hill...my legs were burning! I am so out of shape. When I got home I collapsed into this position and couldn't move...
It was still a fun afternoon! I would do it again in a heartbeat. <3