Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recent Escapades

YES, we just returned from a fabulous trip in Zion's National Park camping and catching tree frogs...
but NO I have no pictures of any of it because I was being mindless :/
I do have these pictures though of our little hike up the Menan Buttes- or "R" Mountain as the locals call it. The "mountain" is actually an ancient volcano- I found its history very neat to learn about. Others here in Rexburg appreciate this monument that stands to represent our little town. It was also nice and cool because we went at about 7 in the evening in overcast weather. Enjoy!A flower Jonathan picked for me :)
Sporting his Natives.The view from the top! Sort of...If you look closely, you can SEE the rain showers!

And since some of you have been asking, here are some pics of my new haircut! I cut five inches off!!! I seem to be getting short hair-cuts a lot these days :) This time I went to Paul Mitchell Hair Academy and was very impressed. For 3 bucks more than what I'm used to paying I was totally pampered. And I tell you what- once you have a scalp massage you can never go back.
The end :)


sarahbeth said...

oohhh. so glamorous! i love it : )
and it was wonderful to speak with you today for TWO hours as well! holy cow, i didn't believe you until i looked at my phone! haha...it was much needed though. and cute background by the way! love you!

sarahbeth said...

hellooo! this is just to tell you that I got a new blog too...er, actually, I think I've had it for a while! A while back it seems like blogspot made me get a new blog...don't know why. anyway, love you