Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Flat hair is SO last year...Bump it up with Bumpits!"

Megan came over for girl's night and we decided to try these infamous hair-spoofers out! :)

ps- Can you tell that my hair is now a "soft blackish" rather than "poopy dishwater brown"? This lighting actually makes it look more brown than black...but take my word on it: It's right there between vampire queen and Jessica Alba.
Our attempt to photograph the backs of our heads.
Megan's bumped updo!

My bumped french twist!
Never again will I be deemed a flathead. Thank goodness.
The hair spray made our heads very shiny.
Not sure if I will wear these out in public but they do make *quite* a difference. The pictures really don't do my dinosaur-head justice.

eh, girls just wanna have fun :)

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Megan said...

HAHAHAHAHA! these still make me laugh. But I have to admit, I did wear mine out in public. And I hope I'm not tattling on you, but I think you wore yours out in public too :D hehehehehe!