Friday, December 30, 2011

Old and New

2011 was an amazing year for our family.

January- I learned how to sew. Big leap of faith for me... and the thought "Maybe I can be crafty..."
February- Our bedroom got a makeover. It is still being made over, though...
March- Jonathan and I both felt the urge to stop being fatties. He did P90x and I did Slim in 6, resulting in me weighing less than pre-pregnancy. It was glorious. yes...I have gained all and more of that back now...but I have an excuse...
April- Our baby turned one year old. He had a Curious George themed party :D also I turned 22, no big deal really.

May- Jonathan turned 24, Talmage experienced his first trip to the zoo, and we received the largest tax return of our marital history :)
June- I took this picture, which I still think is so dang funny.
Oh and we found out I was pregnant again- oh happy day!
July- went to home sweet Louisiana and also learned how to coupon semi-well...not yet an "extremist" and I don't think I ever will be...
August- Talmage's first camping trip, which ended briefly due to an awfully sick child with double ear infections. Thus began the dark ages!!!
September-  All of us got to spend an awesome vacation in Grand Jean & Garden Valley, Idaho. Saw beautiful scenery and sat in hot springs, a geothermal pool, and a hot tub- very relaxing vacation!
October-  We found out we are having a girl-yipee! And Talmage got tubes in his ears- double yipee! He was one happy and HEALTHY pirate for Halloween.
November- T-man got his first haircut (big difference there!). We spent Thanksgiving with both sides of the family and had such a wonderful time!
December- Jonathan graduated and we became a couple of BYU-I alumni folk. 
We also celebrated our three year anniversary. woo :)

I've been thinking a lot about some things I want to do in the year 2012, not "resolutions" really but just some goals. Making resolutions personally makes me feel like I'm no good now, but I think I've done a pretty good job as a wife & mother so far. There are things though that I still haven't done and keep putting off. So here is my list of New Year Goals! ...hopefully they will become New Year Accomplishments.

  • Learn to crochet and cross-stitch. There are so many amazingly talented women in our ward right now that could help me with this.
  • Complete our "Family Survival" stash. We have so far a small food storage (would be bigger if we had room), 72 hour kit for two, and Emergency Car Kit. I really want to establish a First Aid in there among some other things.
  • Get back into baking cheesecake. Those were such good days!
  • After Emmalynne is born I plan on doing some intense working out. The very thought terrifies me but I saw the change it made in my husband and that has motivated me enough. And I'm gonna need to work off that cheesecake somehow...
  • Learn to utilize my Silhouette to a greater extent. I just learned that it can sketch, cut fabric, and make magnets too. Oh me oh my!
  • Breastfeed our baby girl for longer than 6 months. I think I can I think I can I think I can....
  • Become 100 % financially independent and pay OFF our debt. No student loans, thankfully, just the evil that is our credit card...
  • Get more involved with family history work. We just recently learned how to index and it is definitely something I am capable of doing, even if its just for five minutes every day.
  • Return to the world of couponing. Not in the extreme way but just to save money on some things I would normally buy. 
  • Raise two happy and healthy children in the best way that I can. By no means am I a perfectly patient mommy, but this is something I'm really trying to work on. The thought of there being TWO of them still overwhelms me but I know that with the Lord's help all can be well. It can be better than well, actually :)
The list may change some, but for now these things are engrained on my soul! I know all things are possible with faith & determination.

So, fellow bloggers, what are your goals for the new year?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas week

We went back to Parma for Christmas this last week. Thankfully Talmage never gets tired of being there- he absolutely loves being on the farm and playing with his cousin Ethan!

He especially loves the new pigmy goats- Wilson, Lulu, and Frodo. The goats really like potato chips and Talmage gets a hoot from feeding them :]

He wasn't sure why the cat didn't want a rude! haha

He also really likes the "MOO", and shouts his name every time we pull up to the house. The cows aren't as friendly as the goats, and they don't eat out of his hand, but he finds them just as fascinating!

On Christmas Eve we went and looked at the village of lights in the next town. All the lights were LED and so they were VERY brilliant and amazing to see! I cannot even describe how many lights there were...Talmage couldn't stop saying "WOW. OH. wooow!" But it was freezing cold so we all kinda just wanted to make it brief. Luckily our little dude was bundled up in his p&t "snuggle n snooze"- only his nose was cold!

 Christmas day was blissful. Talmage woke up saying "TANTA" (Santa?) and sat right by the tree first thing.
 It's fun that he is at the age where he actually likes pulling stuff out of stockings and opening presents :] It sure makes Christmas morning a lot more entertaining for Jonathan and I! It was so much fun seeing the expressions on his face.

I'm always sad when Christmas is over but I am really looking forward to the new year. Jonathan's new job, new baby, new internship, and new home somewhere. And hopefully I can get back to some things that I enjoy and have been putting off- but that's for another post!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

all of you should know

that I stalk your blog. Seriously, I read all your posts.

For some reason though, when I'm on my computer, I can't comment on most of your blogs. Some I can, like for you that use Shabbyblog and Google layouts. But any others won't let me leave comments and its quite frustrating.

Sometimes I get on my husband's computer, and his Mac is a little more updated than mine. When I use his, I can comment on anyone's blog. It is wonderful :) But I usually don't use his laptop so....yeah. I just wanted everyone to know its nothing personal! haha. Keep writing in those blogs of yours because I love reading them, and I promise I'm not being a bad friend...

When we get home I will post about Christmas. It was wonderful! I hope everyone else had a great holiday too! 

Monday, December 19, 2011


Today is our three year anniversary. To celebrate, we
bought groceries (the essentials of course..milk, eggs, egg nog...chocolate..)
wrapped presents for Talmage
took a nap by the Christmas tree
picked up two cows' worth of packaged meat (not kidding)
ate some Dairy Queen
played cards
munched on jellybeans
and will soon drive an hour to Boise to drop off some of the forementioned beef...I know. romantic :)

For our first anniversary we went to Cheesecake Factory, and the second year we bought each other gifts (he got a leather coat, I got a sapphire set of jewelery). Those were wonderful and amazing anniversaries but since then we've come to realize that our relationship doesn't need to be defined by material things. I love Jonathan for just being there when I'm grouchy and looking like a swamp creature in the mornings and feeling like a hippo throughout the day. I love him for cooking dinner most nights and on the nights when I cook, telling me through a forced grin that it tastes good. I love him for working hard all day long, then coming home and playing with Talmage until he's completely worn out. And I love him for taking me to Dairy Queen to get blizzards whenever I please. He is such a great husband :D

In the car this morning, we listened to our song. It is called "23" by Jimmy Eat World. Before we met each other, J.E.W was both our favorite band in the world. We both knew every song by heart. We had listened to every song together on our dates and sung them out loud, somehow skipping one certain song. Two weeks after meeting in person (we had written as strangers during his mission), everything happened kinda fast and I blurted out that I was falling in love with him. He said nothing back. Completely embarrassed, I cried myself to sleep that night, thinking "There goes the one person I thought I could be happy with." As he drove home that night to Rexburg, he listened to the song "23", the one we had never really played before. The Spirit had always spoken to him through the power of music and on this night it was with that song. He knew that he loved me and could never love anyone else. The next day he told me that he wanted to marry me. I was completely shocked. Ever since then our love story has unfolded into what it is today- pure happiness! We listen to the song to remind ourselves that how we felt then is even greater now. Happy three years, indeed. :]


I felt for sure last night
That once we said goodbye
No one else will know these lonely dreams
No one else will know that part of me
I'm still driving away
And I'm sorry every day
I won't always love these selfish things
I won't always live...
Not stopping...

It was my turn to decide
I knew this was our time
No one else will have me like you do
No one else will have me, only you

You'll sit alone forever
If you wait for the right time
What are you hoping for?
I'm here I'm now I'm ready
Holding on tight
Don't give away the end
The one thing that stays mine

Amazing still it seems
I'll be 23
I won't always love what I'll never have
I won't always live in my regrets

You'll sit alone forever
If you wait for the right time
What are you hoping for?
I'm here I'm now I'm ready
Holding on tight
Don't give away the end
The one thing that stays mine

You'll sit alone forever
If you wait for the right time
What are you hoping for?
I'm here I'm now I'm ready
Holding on tight
Don't give away the end
The one thing that stays mine...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

my husband the college graduate

I am so proud of Jonathan :] On Saturday he walked "the walk" and officially graduated from BYU-Idaho with his B.S. in Rec Management. He has worked so hard these last 4 1/2 years and gotten mostly A's and a few B's. He's been so involved with the school and put forth 100% the whole way. And now he's done! I can hardly believe it!

Tomorrow is our three year anniversary. I just cannot say how wonderful these last three years have been. Jonathan is a very loving husband and father to our little family. I love you, honey bunches!

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! squeeze your loved ones. give them a kiss. count your blessings. :]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

second time around

Today I am 30 weeks, and after the holiday rush is over we are gonna be so close to meeting our daughter! She is getting big..I can feel it! I am feeling more like a preggo now...almost anything makes me out of breath and if I sit in one place for too long my body gets really stiff. Still no heartburn (woo!) and no pushing on my ribs yet- maybe she'll stay this low for the rest of the pregnancy..(fingers crossed)

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day, and she was telling me how raising her daughter has been completely different then her son. What worked for baby boy doesn't work for baby girl, and its made her change her whole view of parenting. It gave me a bit of a reality check. Every child is an individual and should be treated as such, so even though this is our second child its like being a new mom all over again. I hardly remember the "baby stuff" anyway...nursing, bottles, first foods, sitting up and rolling...I don't know when they take place or how anymore. Those things seems SO far away from having a toddler and I will need to learn them all again. I do remember the difficult parts- getting little to no sleep, recovering from giving birth mixed with the nostalgia of having a child insides of you that is no longer there, the aches of breastfeeding that never went away, feeling "less than" because I didn't know what the heck to do in certain situations, etc...there were a lot of little bumps on the road to being a new parent and I bet they will come back. That being said, I know that I am fully capable of being a mother for the second time to this new baby. It won't be easy, but it will be wonderful to hold that baby girl and know that she is mine forever. I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything :]

And Talmage, whether aware of it or not, will soon be a big brother. I hope he's going to like sharing his home, toys, and parents!
here he is sitting in a gigantic box..he really loved it. I didn't complain :]

In other matters, our little household is pretty busy this week. Jonathan is wrapping up his last days of school with finals, so I hardly see him at all. But when he is home is completely devoted to spending time with Talmage & I :] On Thursday his family and my grandparents will be coming for his graduation on Friday. Then on Saturday we head back to Parma for Christmas! It's going to be a whirlwind of craziness!

When we return home after Christmas break Jonathan will be working at a place called Journeys. It's a place where children, teens, and adult with mental disabilities go to learn basic life/social skills. I am excited for him because I know just how rewarding that job can be, and I sort of miss the days when I did it in Idaho Falls. The job for him is temporary until we hightail it outta Rexburg next Spring :) I am just thankful that Jonathan gets jobs so easily and that he gives 100% with each one. If it weren't for him I wouldn't be able to enjoy being at home with Talmage every day, and that is a huge blessing.

Monday, December 5, 2011

baby shower

I am probably the worst picture-taker-er on the planet. I arrived at my baby shower early, saw all the cute decorations and rushed back home real quick to get my camera, returned and took some pics of the said decorations, then tucked my camera away as soon as the first guest got there. Did I get pictures of all the wonderful girls who came to support me? No. Did I get a picture of my amazing hostess and her sweet little boy whom I love so much? No. I am so mad at myself! Arrggg....

Anyways, that aside, thanks a million to the best baby shower thrower ever :) She did such a cute job with everything! Here are some pics (the few that I remembered to get) of the shower.

It was a really fun time, just hanging out with girls that I never get a minute to talk to otherwise. I am so thankful for the friends I've made in Rexburg, and when we move I'm sure that will be the hardest part to leave behind. Some of these girls have been through thick & thin with me, and I really can't imagine them not being around.

Now that we've got a few more things stashed away for Emmalynne I feel even more prepared for her arrival! This week is Jonathan's last week of school basically (finals are the week after). It's pretty much HELL for him but I know it will be over soon and then we can have a nice relaxing Christmas break! haha :)

Pregnancy wise, I feel OK. Not great. I've been having some serious joint pain, especially in my hips, and sometimes its really painful to walk around or sit down even. I know I'm not huge or anything but there is still a baby in there pushing on my insides! So yes, I am starting to count down the weeks...only 11 left! (still seems like a super long time...)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emma's "corner"

I realized that I haven't shown any pictures of our baby girl's "corner" yet. It's not that exciting, though. Our apartment isn't very big, just 2 bedrooms. Our bedroom is pretty spacious so we just shoved our bed up against the wall and the other third of the room will be little Emma's territory. We will living here after she is born for about 2-3 months depending, so I didn't go nuts like I did with Talmage's nursery. Still, its really hard not to get cutesy with girls...I even told myself at the beginning that I was NOT doing pink because I don't care for pink- at all. Never have. Well...throw that out the window. Everything seemed so charmingly lovely in various shades of pink :) I could not stop myself. Jonathan thinks I'm completely nutso.

For starters, this is our new infant car seat. This model fits on our stroller and I can't wait to use it :) We were about to order one when I found one at Burlington- in the exact color we wanted! So yay- no shipping cost!

And the bouncer just arrived yesterday. I got it 30% off- thank you Cyber Monday!

Her little portion of the bedroom

All the wall decorations were super cheap. And easy, thanks to my Silhouette!

I know...owls and doves don't really go together but I loved them both so much I couldn't choose...

This hung in my nursery when I was a baby. My grandma Judkins made it, and the back winds up to play "I am a Child of God"

The bow holder I made, holding all the little hair clips that I mostly made (all of them but the crocheted ones- someday I will learn!)

more hair stuff, couldn't fit it all in the holder.

Some homemade burp cloths. These were the first thing I made when we found out we were having a girl...I guess I'm weird like that? But hey, all babies burp (among other things).

Wipes case that I covered with flannel and ribbon. I sort of have an obsession with covering wipes cases. If you want your case covered, let me know :)

Ribbon binkie clips. This was my favorite project of all because Jonathan helped me. We were a true team! I sewed, he snapped. Wallah!

The crib isn't finished yet. We have yet to buy a mattress, mostly cause I'm too lazy and I hate spending money on mattresses (they just get covered anyway!). But we did buy a darling little crib sheet and some minky soft bumper pads. I realized what a waste of money it was to buy crib bedding as a set. I may or may not sew a skirt for the bottom...right now I have my old quilt from when I was younger on top but its just temporary.

A tiny fuzzy little cap that Jonathan made! I love my husband :)

We still don't have everything, like enough clothes & diapers, but there's still a baby shower and Christmas coming up. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Clothes are very expensive, by the way...good thing we had a boy first because I probably would have broken the bank! With him being our first, I didn't know what I needed so I got a little of everything. But now with this baby, I'm just sticking to the basics. I still have no idea how to shop for tights.

So that about covers it! Things are fianlly falling into place and seeming a bit more REAL. Thank goodness, cause this is happening. Not nobody and no thang gonna stop her from making a debut in a few months :D