Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emma's "corner"

I realized that I haven't shown any pictures of our baby girl's "corner" yet. It's not that exciting, though. Our apartment isn't very big, just 2 bedrooms. Our bedroom is pretty spacious so we just shoved our bed up against the wall and the other third of the room will be little Emma's territory. We will living here after she is born for about 2-3 months depending, so I didn't go nuts like I did with Talmage's nursery. Still, its really hard not to get cutesy with girls...I even told myself at the beginning that I was NOT doing pink because I don't care for pink- at all. Never have. Well...throw that out the window. Everything seemed so charmingly lovely in various shades of pink :) I could not stop myself. Jonathan thinks I'm completely nutso.

For starters, this is our new infant car seat. This model fits on our stroller and I can't wait to use it :) We were about to order one when I found one at Burlington- in the exact color we wanted! So yay- no shipping cost!

And the bouncer just arrived yesterday. I got it 30% off- thank you Cyber Monday!

Her little portion of the bedroom

All the wall decorations were super cheap. And easy, thanks to my Silhouette!

I know...owls and doves don't really go together but I loved them both so much I couldn't choose...

This hung in my nursery when I was a baby. My grandma Judkins made it, and the back winds up to play "I am a Child of God"

The bow holder I made, holding all the little hair clips that I mostly made (all of them but the crocheted ones- someday I will learn!)

more hair stuff, couldn't fit it all in the holder.

Some homemade burp cloths. These were the first thing I made when we found out we were having a girl...I guess I'm weird like that? But hey, all babies burp (among other things).

Wipes case that I covered with flannel and ribbon. I sort of have an obsession with covering wipes cases. If you want your case covered, let me know :)

Ribbon binkie clips. This was my favorite project of all because Jonathan helped me. We were a true team! I sewed, he snapped. Wallah!

The crib isn't finished yet. We have yet to buy a mattress, mostly cause I'm too lazy and I hate spending money on mattresses (they just get covered anyway!). But we did buy a darling little crib sheet and some minky soft bumper pads. I realized what a waste of money it was to buy crib bedding as a set. I may or may not sew a skirt for the bottom...right now I have my old quilt from when I was younger on top but its just temporary.

A tiny fuzzy little cap that Jonathan made! I love my husband :)

We still don't have everything, like enough clothes & diapers, but there's still a baby shower and Christmas coming up. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Clothes are very expensive, by the way...good thing we had a boy first because I probably would have broken the bank! With him being our first, I didn't know what I needed so I got a little of everything. But now with this baby, I'm just sticking to the basics. I still have no idea how to shop for tights.

So that about covers it! Things are fianlly falling into place and seeming a bit more REAL. Thank goodness, cause this is happening. Not nobody and no thang gonna stop her from making a debut in a few months :D


Jill said...

Lindsey, you make everything so cute! Emma is one lucky girl coming to a momma like you. love girls...maybe that's why I had two in a row.

Christy Bracken said...

LOVE everything especially the ribbon binki clips! I wanted to make those too but wasn't sure how to do it. I'll have to get some tips from you on sewing.

Jill said...

Lindsey, I know you probably already saw these...but in case you didn't, these leggings are a cheap way to add to little girl's wardrobe. I collected cast-offs from family and friends, and made Gracie a bunch of these.
these other ones were made with a scarf, but i've used old sweaters...Just an idea