Tuesday, November 29, 2011

on the farm

(pic taken last week, I am now 28 weeks along)

Hello THIRD TRIMESTER! Holy cow...(literally, cause I pretty much feel like one). At my appointment last month I found out that my belly was measuring 2 weeks behind while Emmalynne was growing on track, so she was packed in there pretty tight causing lots of discomfort. I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday, and I am happy to say that my belly caught up! Woo! Everything else is normal but I am still so bewildered as to how very different this pregnancy has been from my first. Instead of heartburn and carrying high, I feel like I'm lugging around a bowling ball on my hips and its causing so much joint pain. Emmalynne is even more active than Talmage was...she never stops moving! This girl has a LOT of energy. I am still really tired ALL the time, and I can't stop eating. Every night after dinner I have second dinner and sometimes third. And sometimes I just want sugar for dinner (I know, it's bad...) Like last night Jonathan & I made chicken enchiladas and I didn't touch them. Instead I ate 3 bowls of Mini Spooners. I know there are a lot of wives' tales out there about wanting sugar with girls, carrying girls lower, etc. but maybe there is some truth to them because so far they have all come true!

This year for Thanksgiving we were spoiled and got to see Jonathan's family AND mine! It was sooo wonderful! I forgot to bring my camera on the trip (which I kicked myself in the butt for) but thankfully my pro photographer dad brought his and got some shots of my mom, sister, and I :)

The last one is really not that flattering of me..haha..but I still like it because that's what I genuinely look like when I laugh :D

And here is my dad, or "papa" as Talmage likes to call him!

The highlights of the week were:
1.Seeing my family. I maybe get to see them twice a year and it never seems long enough! I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents and an awesome little sis!
2. Goofing off with Cressa (Jonathan's sister) and Dana out in the corn fields :)
3. Watching and assisting in photo shoots for Cressa's senior pics and Christopher's engagement pics. Oh, remember that secret about Dec. 31st? Well the big news is that Jonathan's oldest brother Christopher is GETTING MARRIED! :)
4. Eating all the very yummy food on Thanksgiving day.
5. Seeing Breaking Dawn (oh my gosh SO good) and then rushing out of the theater to go Black Friday shopping. It was madness!
6. Baby shopping. I really wish we had Burlington around here. Their baby dept. is massive! We got some stuff checked off our list including clothes, bumpers, crib sheets/mattress pad, and a car seat. It's so much fun to shop for baby girl...also very dangerous because I could easily blow all our money.
7. Taking family pictures. We had about a 15 minute window to get these done because Talmage was being a grump, but luckily my daddy is very talented and was able to get a lot of really good shots! Here are a few of my faves.

Okay maybe a little more than a few. I just really love how they turned out!

In a few weeks after Jonathan's graduation we will return to Parma for a winter wonderland Christmas. That visit will be about 2 weeks long and I just know we'll have so much fun! Don't get me wrong, I like being home in Rexburg, too (especially in my super comfy bed). But it's nice to leave every once in a while, and little man loves the attention of the in-laws :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

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