Friday, November 18, 2011

It's the Most HECTIC Time of the Year

BIG THINGS are happening. Lots of things. And with everything coming up in the next week/month, it really feels like this baby girl will be here in no time! Here is our calendar for the rest of the year :)

November 22-27: THANKSGIVING BREAK. Going to Parma with BOTH sides of the family! That's right, my parents and little sis are coming all the way up from Louisiana to spend this special holiday with my in-laws! It will be so wonderful having so many people that I care about in one house for a few days! And magical, and delicious, and crazy busy.

December 3: BABY SHOWER for Emmalynne. I am really excited for this. I wasn't planning on having another shower unless someone offered and REALLY wanted to do it. Lo and behold, one of my favorite girl friends Ashleigh asked me if I could please let her throw one for me :) It will be so much fun having some girl time...I feel like all I ever to is sit around the apartment with my toddler every day. Oh wait, that IS what I do.

December 15 or 16: JONATHAN'S GRADUATION! He is finally getting out! Haha. I am so proud of him- he works super hard to get A's and B's in all of his classes and still find time to be with Talmage and I. I'm also proud that he is getting a degree that he truly wants and loves and will put to good use.

December 19: 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Wahoo!

December, the end of it?: CHRISTMAS. In Parma, of course :) As sad as I am that I can't go home this year, I also REALLY love Christmas with Jonathan's family. There are some fun and different traditions, and the snow is truly beautiful out there in the fields. And of course I love his family, too :D

December 31: I am not yet allowed to say what happens this day, but it will be BIG. hehe.

Jonathan will also be starting a new temporary job in Rexburg hopefully after Christmas break. It will only be until we move sometime in April or May. We still don't know know where his internship will be, but some options are getting more promising. I am very grateful that we can stay in Rexburg for a few months after Emmalynne is born so that we can settle to having her around before things get busy again.

So there you have it- our crazy end of the year! And once January hits we only have about 2 months until baby comes, which will most likely be spent preparing for her and getting as much sleep as I can :)

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Josh and Sarah Robison said...

ooo I'm in suspense about what happens on the 31st!! Can I know or is it truly a huge secret? haha... p.s. I'm doing a group project in one of my classes and thought about how awesome we were at those together...and then I wished you were in my group because we think so much alike! Oh these hypothetical dreams.