Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas crafts

I've been very bored lately. Jonathan told me that one of the things he loves about me is my creativity. I told him, "Oh hun...I am not creative. I just copy other people's ideas and add a twist." He got me talking about some of those ideas, and encouraged me to craft more with all the time I have at home. So I started with one...and couldn't stop. It didn't get *too* out of hand, but I did spend a lot of nights staying awake thinking of cardstock, wood, and paint. One of those nights I even dreamed of vinyl. It's true...I am an official Silhouette nutcase.

So here are a few of my projects for Christmas. Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday, but it's not as fun to craft for. And those decorations would only be enjoyed for about 2 weeks, since we always leave town. But Christmas stuff can be enjoyed from Halloween to New Year's (so much more worth my energy!). I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it all up, but I sort of broke down after it snowed- it just didn't feel like Autumn whatsoever. I've even started busting out my holiday tunes. You can judge me if you want :)
ps- If you haven't bought Michael Buble's new cd "Christmas", you are truly missing out!!

Holiday wreathe
On Pinterest I found the idea to buy foam tubing and cut it into a wreathe shape instead of buying those pricey foam ones. (Yes, $5 is pricey for me) The only issue is that it is flimsier and may not retain a round shape especially with weight on the bottom, but it cost me $1 and I had enough extra to make a mini-wreathe. Ingenious!
And the flowers are all felt. Very easy, anyone can do it! Go on, you know you want to buy some felt now :)

Stand-Alone Signs
(I found these boards for a buck each at D.I. and mod-podged cardstock on them.)

Lettered Blocks
These wooden blocks were 79 cents ea at JoAnns. I didn't care for the chunkier blocks that go for $5 a piece. You can lean these against something or if you're lucky they will still stand after being painted.

Paper Trees
These 3D Christmas trees were downloaded from my Silhouette online store. The machine actually perforates the paper so you can fold the trees all nice and neat! It was so simple and so satisfying. I used some spare ribbon to tie off the tops.

Nativity Frames
This was my favorite project. The picture frames were free from a yard sale a few months back, and I just stuck vinyl to the glass. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Silhouette? (by the way, there's promotional codes everywhere around this time of year for one if anyone is interested. If I find one I will surely post it.)

And then of course I had to put our little tree up. We love our little tree :)

Christmas is DEFINITELY in the air. And so is the scent of some Cajun-fried turkey and sweet potato casserole. YUM.

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