Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last night was Halloween- oh boy! We wanted to do something with Talmage but I knew trick-or-treating would be a bit absurd. People don't expect trick-or-treaters to come before dark (most people) and our little guy had a bedtime schedule to keep. Plus, he doesn't really eat candy and he's still kind of young to appreciate trick-or-treating, so we decided to keep it simple.

I dressed him up differently, mainly just for fun, but also because he's always miserable in his pirate getup- haha! So that morning I threw together a backup costume with felt scraps I had. He seemed MUCH more comfortable and happy in his second costume :)

We first took him to Mommy n Me, a local store that I LOVE. They had a tiny straw maze in the front along with some vendors and games in the back lot. It was okay, nothing great, and Talmage certainly didn't get why the heck we were there...
^T knocking over giant crayons with his buddy, David! (who was a total cutie in his monkey suit)^

Earlier that day at my appointment with the midwife, she had told us that the pediatrician's office was doing a trick or treat from 3-5 pm, so we dropped by there afterwards. I was SO impressed! Every single office in the building was all decorated and there was trick-or-treating at every door. It kind of reminded me of ward Halloween parties when I was little, and you would walk around the church building gathering candy from every classroom. I loved that it was inside and warm, and that there were tons of other little toddlers dressed up doing the same thing. It was the perfect first time trick-or-treating experience for our apprehensive boy :)
This is our son being humble, but he learned pretty quick that reaching in the bucket with both hands produced a much better result.

^popping smoke-filled bubbles! This was by far the coolest thing all night.^

it turns out that the entire professional medical plaza was in on the trick-or-treat, so we walked around from building to building. One even had a yellow brick road- how cute is that?

One of the buildings was a dental office, so they gave Talmage a goodie bag filled with things for his teeth (including a Toy Story toothbrush!) He didn't really get it at first...

But when I told him it was for his teethies he understood :)

It was such a fun time and we were pretty trick-or-treated out by the end. And Talmage had a bucket full of yummies!

For dinner we had jack-o-lantern pizza!

It was a fantastic night, though I'm a little sad we didn't get more trick-or-treaters come by. Oh well, more candy for me (because that's ALL I need right now).

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Josh and Sarah Robison said...

well, I tried to leave a comment on the last post you wrote, but for some reason the computer doesn't like me today and it didn't go through. Or maybe it did...whatever. I just said that I loved seeing you too so so much and how good it is to just talk and that Talmage looked adorable in all his costumes and that I was thinking the same thing-that we need a new picture of us! In case that last comment did post, sorry for the redundancy. : ) loves