Thursday, June 30, 2011

books, books, & more books!

Every morning after I take Talmage out of his crib, he does the same thing. He pulls out his bucket of books. I leave the room for a few minutes to do some morning chores and when I peek my head around his door, what do I see? BOOKS! Everywhere. He takes one out, flips through it briefly, tosses it aside, repeat. Pretty soon his room is covered with them. Fortunately he only digs into the board book bucket and not the paper book one. Sometimes I catch him babbling to himself as he turns the pages, almost like he is reading them to himself! It is so funny...but cute :)

It's nice for me, too, that he so easily entertains himself. And when Jonathan or I say "Want to read a book?" he actually climbs into our laps! ahh :) sweet sweet boy, I don't think there's a time I love him more than when he does that....or when he sleeps, haha.

Thank goodness for books! My son just can't get enough!

And on a totally random note, I just had to post this picture...I'm pretty sure it's my favorite one by far.
His first time on the big boy potty. I'm sure he was thinking something like, "What am I supposed to do now?"

Friday, June 17, 2011

feeling like a fatty

For some reason these days I just feel fat. Or maybe bloated. Either way, it has motivated me to start eating healthier and getting on an exercise routine. I've decided to implement these goals: (its not much, but it's a start!)

1. No matter what I WILL eat breakfast!
This is probably my least favorite meal because I always feel so gross and groggy in the morning. I've realized that this could be caused by my poor diet so hopefully it will change! I want to feel energized and ready for the day, not eager to lay down on the couch while my son watches cartoons...

2.I will exercise for at least 20 minutes every day.
Okay, let's be honest...I hate exercising. And when I do the whole "workout" thing I usually end up sore and miserable and unmotivated to do it anymore. But I've found one that I like by Denise Austin that is just moderate enough for me. Afterwards I actually feel GOOD! Its a miracle!

3. Ride my bike.
I just got a new bike, so I'm more determined than ever to ride. We also have a bike trailer that pulls Talmage as we ride so I really have no excuse!

4. Cut down on sugar.
I have been eating a lot of sweets these days for reasons that I'd rather not go into, and its taking a toll on my energy. I plan to seriously cut back on the sugar highs and substitute it with foods like fruit and yogurt.

That's it for now so we will see if it makes a difference! My main goal here is not really vanity but a desire to be healthy and fit so that I can play with my son and raise him the right way. I want to have the energy to keep up with his 90 mph playing speeds, and look forward to getting up each morning to his cheery face. I love that boy so much- there are no words to describe!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

these days...

There isn't much going on, to be honest. Every day is mostly the same, but I like it that way. I thrive on ROUTINE. :)

Jonathan is still busy at work with the Forest Service. He enjoys it when he gets to be out in the forest and I enjoy the wildflowers that he brings back for me :)

This last week he took his first ever business trip to Twin Falls where he certified to give out tickets and stuff. He stayed in super fancy hotel and had a room all to himself. He also got his meals paid for. SO basically he was pampered for a whole week. I really missed him but I'm glad that he got a little can get stressful at home sometimes! His boss also switched his off days to Tuesday and Wednesday. That means I take Talmage to church by myself-augh! haha... when is my vacation?

And actually- I will have my turn at the end of July. Talmage and I are going home to Louisiana for a whole week! I am so excited! I really miss my family and Talmage has grown up so much since they saw him last.

About that boy! Well he is becoming a pro at signing some new words like "more", "please", and "baby". He also understands "hug", "sleep", "happy", and "strong". I am so proud of our little guy! He just gets cuter every day :)
There was an incident a few nights ago that totally freaked me out. Somehow Talmage found a way to get out of his crib...but he went head first and landed on his face. I was in the living room when I heard the bloodcurdling scream. When I went in there he was curled up in a little ball on the floor screaming his lungs out. When you are that small, falling from the height of a crib could be very painful. I'm just glad he didn't snap his neck.
Here you can see his boo-boo's :(
We lowered the mattress so that it nearly touches the floor. I don't think he will be getting out again for a while!

And me? Well I am keeping busy with some sewing projects like these couch pillows:

I'm also working on an apron with this fabric:

And if the days keep being warm, sunny, & beautiful we will soon have some tomatoes and strawberries growing! Our little garden failed miserably last year so this is our second attempt :) Fingers are crossed...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

something blue

I have a new-found love for all things blue.
I don't know how it happened, but I would guess it all started with the bathroom.

I took a big leap out of my comfort zone when I tore down those silky red curtains of ours and turned our bathroom into a beach haven. But it brightened up the small space and cheered my mood.

And then I turned Talmage's nursery into a blue room. Before he had green curtains, then yellow...but it didn't seem BOY enough. So I put up light blue sheers, pulled his baby blankets from the closet, and added a fun little rug and some other things.

Remember those Anthropologie-inspired lamps I made a while back? When I saw this fabric I knew I could do something with it to match them...
And that's just what I did!

I thought that maybe the madness has stopped until I saw this darling laundry room decor at a boutique...I had to have them!

Maybe its the lack of sunshine in these here parts that is making me crazy for a little brightness...all I know is that I can't get enough!

What color do you just love in your home?

edit: hours after writing this post I even changed my blog background to blue. Have I gone mad?