Thursday, June 30, 2011

books, books, & more books!

Every morning after I take Talmage out of his crib, he does the same thing. He pulls out his bucket of books. I leave the room for a few minutes to do some morning chores and when I peek my head around his door, what do I see? BOOKS! Everywhere. He takes one out, flips through it briefly, tosses it aside, repeat. Pretty soon his room is covered with them. Fortunately he only digs into the board book bucket and not the paper book one. Sometimes I catch him babbling to himself as he turns the pages, almost like he is reading them to himself! It is so funny...but cute :)

It's nice for me, too, that he so easily entertains himself. And when Jonathan or I say "Want to read a book?" he actually climbs into our laps! ahh :) sweet sweet boy, I don't think there's a time I love him more than when he does that....or when he sleeps, haha.

Thank goodness for books! My son just can't get enough!

And on a totally random note, I just had to post this picture...I'm pretty sure it's my favorite one by far.
His first time on the big boy potty. I'm sure he was thinking something like, "What am I supposed to do now?"


Judi Judkins said...

The pictures tell a lot. It's clear he loves books! I think the potty picture is cute, but someday he'll get his revenge on you for posting that one :) I'm looking forward to having you both here in a few weeks. Love you all...Mom

Mark & Rachel said...

Haha. He is too cute!
P.S. David has both sets of those pajamas :-)