Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle!

So I've been thinking lately that a bike is a good investment. Here is why:

1. I can ride a bike to my classes without having to get Jonathan up so that he can take me.
2. I never have to walk anywhere ever again. Unless I want to.
3. Jonathan already has a bike so we can go bike-riding together when it's pretty outside.
4. Bikes don't need gas, just some good nurturing and WD40.
5. I've never really had my own bike. Once my dad bought me a nice dark green bike but my brother's friend broke it soon after it was in the garage :(
6. Almost everyone in Rexburg has a bike because you can ride it to anywhere in town.
7. Beach-cruisers are cool. And I want one.

We've looked around at a few places for bikes, namely K-mart, Target, and Bill's Bike Shop (can we say wallet-bustin?) But we never went to Walmart to look because, and I quote,

J: "I will never get you a Walmart bike."
L: "Why not?"
J: "'s Walmart."

But the other day as I was doing some grocery shopping in Wally World I just happened to stroll along to where the bikes were at the opposite end of the store and saw this beautiful machine...
That's right, folks. It's a 26" Huffy Cranbrook Ladies Cruiser. And it's only $84! Cheaper than any of the other bikes we've seen so far, but also very stylish. The fenders look sturdier than than the cute pink cruiser at K-mart and it also sits high enough that I don't feel 12 years old. A few things I wish it did have, though, would be 1) a rack on the back, 2) a basket, and 3) a light pink coating instead of light blue. I still like light blue and all, but nothing ever beats pink.

The moral of this is: Never underestimate the practicality of Walmart. (Though I prefer Albertsons myself...)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just A Moment I Had

Today I took my friend Breeann wedding dress shopping. She looked SO BEAUTIFUL in all the dresses she tried on. And her face lit up like gold when she talked about her fiancee'. She was worried about the wedding plans but still the most happy I've ever seen her. Later when we met up with him they couldn't take their eyes off of each other...

I took a moment (okay, maybe a few hours) to remember when I felt that way. A blushing bride with a new future ahead of her- so different and stressful but so EXCITING. More than anything I've ever experienced. We were inseparable, our eyes glowing from our hearts that were on fire when we were pronounced husband and wife. I remembered the way we danced, the way he held my hand throughout the evening and never let go.

I sat alone in my apartment and turned into a reflecting ball of mush. First I got out my scrapbook of all the wedding cards, saying things like, "Best wishes for a life together" and "May you be blessed all your days." That was nice for a while.
I wanted to see more, to open up the curtain to the past just a little wider. How could 5 months fade out the most wonderful details? I dug through the stacks of DVDs to find our wedding day slideshow that our photographer made for us. I watched four times through and cried every time. I wondered to myself, "Are we that much different now...?"

Sure, we had financial kinks to work out. What newly married couple didn't? And more often now we get on each other's nerves more easily...but didn't we always work it out? There are days when we have trouble saying everything we mean to say. Sometimes it seems like other couples smile more when they are together.

But- I couldn't keep my eyes off of his. And that's when I knew that we hadn't lost anything at all.

I married the one man that will not go to sleep until I have. The one person who has seen all my dark and perceives only light. I married the boy that I fell in love with almost instantly and never stopped loving. Who loves the other more, after all? I don't think it is even a possibility that one could win that game. We continue to grow and love through these beginning days of a future somewhere- a beautiful future.

When it was all done, I didn't mind being an ex-bride.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Color Red

Okay. So being on your period sucks. I mean it really sucks. And a few days ago I thought my world was crashing down on me. Emotions were bouncing off the walls! But my wonderful and sympathetic husband did the sweetest thing. He bought me a rose.

Oh, how great are the simple pleasures in life!
I was in line at the grocery store and waiting for Jonathan to come back with our baked pizzas. Over there by the bakery are the flower stands. He took his time and returned to me in line, hiding the rose somewhere out of my vision. After all the items had been scanned, the check-out lady held it up and asked me would I like this in a bag. I gasped a little and then really made my day. I was such a grouch but of course Jonathan doesn't get upset or annoyed in the slightest. He buys me flowers instead...That stinker, he knows how to love me.

Still, periods really suck :(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Events

Just to catch our very tiny blogger community up on some recent events...or just pictures that I particularly like. Or maybe because I am really, really bored.

Henny Penny eating a chicken bone...I thought it was ironic.
Jonathan on the merry-go-round.

At Porter park sippin on bubble ice.

We made sushi! And it was actually really good.
Lindsey on a swing near our camping spot.

What a stud ;) This is on our nature hike up at Heise.

Along a river somewhere.
Fly-fishing off of the dam!