Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Want To Ride My Bicycle!

So I've been thinking lately that a bike is a good investment. Here is why:

1. I can ride a bike to my classes without having to get Jonathan up so that he can take me.
2. I never have to walk anywhere ever again. Unless I want to.
3. Jonathan already has a bike so we can go bike-riding together when it's pretty outside.
4. Bikes don't need gas, just some good nurturing and WD40.
5. I've never really had my own bike. Once my dad bought me a nice dark green bike but my brother's friend broke it soon after it was in the garage :(
6. Almost everyone in Rexburg has a bike because you can ride it to anywhere in town.
7. Beach-cruisers are cool. And I want one.

We've looked around at a few places for bikes, namely K-mart, Target, and Bill's Bike Shop (can we say wallet-bustin?) But we never went to Walmart to look because, and I quote,

J: "I will never get you a Walmart bike."
L: "Why not?"
J: "'s Walmart."

But the other day as I was doing some grocery shopping in Wally World I just happened to stroll along to where the bikes were at the opposite end of the store and saw this beautiful machine...
That's right, folks. It's a 26" Huffy Cranbrook Ladies Cruiser. And it's only $84! Cheaper than any of the other bikes we've seen so far, but also very stylish. The fenders look sturdier than than the cute pink cruiser at K-mart and it also sits high enough that I don't feel 12 years old. A few things I wish it did have, though, would be 1) a rack on the back, 2) a basket, and 3) a light pink coating instead of light blue. I still like light blue and all, but nothing ever beats pink.

The moral of this is: Never underestimate the practicality of Walmart. (Though I prefer Albertsons myself...)

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Layla said...

What is the difference between Kmart and Walmart? I won't go to either.