Friday, September 25, 2015

Penelope at 10 months

I know this is way late...P turned 10 months 15 days ago...but life is busy! Talmage started kindergarten, Charlotte started gymnastics, and Penelope keeps on growing! haha. She's so fun right now, and also very fussy. Thanks teething and cold sickness. :(

Some fun things she does right now are: stands up for 2 seconds on her own, says HI and waves a little, chomps ALL food with her teeny toofers on the bottom, shakes her head NO at pretty much everything, and flips through books for gloriously long periods of time (giving me a break from holding/entertaining her constantly).

She doesn't snort much anymore, which we miss. And she is doing better at sleeping in her crib, which we LOVE.

 She also gives us things when we say "Can I have it?" Here she is giving me her graham cracker. It is the cutest thing ever!