Friday, July 31, 2009

Sisters Reunite!

Last Sunday Jonathan and I were able to drive down to Sandy and visit with our grandparents there- and I got to see Dana! She is spending some time there to get to know Grandpa & Grandma better.

We woke up at 6 am to make in time for Sami's homecoming talk. Sami is my sister-in-law's little brother and he just returned from his mission in England. As we were takin off Jonathan noticed one of our back tires was flat...and well we couldn't do much about it since nothing is open on Sunday in Rexburg. This issue with the tire set us back 6 hours...but eventually we were back on the road with a brand new tire (courtesy of Walmart, who you can count on being open most of the time). The unfortunate thing was that we missed Sami's talk :( but I heard he did a really great job. We showed up in Sandy around 3:oo pm and made it for the BBQ. It was a relief not to have to think about our car problems for a while...

The BBQ was pretty fun..there was lots of yummy food. And Grant was able to come over for a little bit and it is always nice to see him. I think the grass won the vote for a place to sit and goof off :)
Yeah. We're mushy. The next day we went to the Hogle Zoo. I have like millions of pictures of animals but I don't want to take the time to put them all on here, so maybe just a few..

Dana and I on the train! Always my favorite to see :)Later that night Grandma and Dana let me use them as test-runs for facials. I did okay, but I nervous- even with family! Although G-ma said she wouldn't have known it was my first time.

The next day Jonathan, Dana, and I spent the ENTIRE day at Lagoon. All 3 of us love rollercoasters so it was super fun. Probably the funnest day I've had in a long while...and also the most lemonade I've ever consumed within 24 hours.
It was a ton of fun getting wet and going down water slides. I felt like a little tot again :) and I even got somewhat of a tan! This is remarkable for me.

And then the last day (Wednesday) Dana went to Hannah's at about four so we didn't do a whole lot with her. But the grandparents took J and I to Thanksgiving Point. It is beautiful there, for one thing, and they have a great deli. The best part, though, was the DINOSAUR MUSEUM. So cool, like they had real fossils everywhere. Apparently the museum had really expanded and I was very impressed. They even had stromatolites! Ah. And then afterwards we were treated to some frozen yogurt at this cute little creamery spot. The whole thing was fantastic :)

When we got home I anxiously opened all my Mary Kay boxes. I paid for inventory so that I can have stuff on hand. And its a lot...we had to get some shelf cubbies for it all today in fact. I'm excited and nervous to get my business rolling...right now NOBODY that I know is in town and that makes it very hard to book appointments. And most people, when I ask them about Mary Kay, shy away from me in different ways. This makes me feel low...but I'm not gonna let myself get discouraged- because I believe how great these products are and I'm just gonna do my best :) If people aren't interested, that's okay. They're missing out though.
These are the reasons I even got myself into being an Independent Beauty Consultant in the first place:
1. I work on my own time, my own conditions, and I control pretty much every aspect of it.
2. My efforts match will match my success.
3. I need some friends. Right now all I have is Megan. And that's great, but I'm starting to feel like I can't even hold a normal conversation with someone.
4. I know it will help my self-esteem and make me more confident in myself. This is a big factor.
5. It may sound geeky, but I want to learn more about health & beauty. I've never really taken excellent care of my skin, and Jonathan is always breaking out. I know my new knowledge will be beneficial to both of us.
6. In time, hopefully I can earn our family a little extra income.
7. I really, really want a new car.

Anyways, for now it's just fun. And I got to keep like $400 worth of free product for myself :) Pretty sweet.

In about a week we're moving to the other side of Rexburg. Quite literally it is up and down the hill again from where we are now. And here's the thing. I HATE PACKING. Soooo much I hate it. But since J is at work almost always I am stuck with packing it ALL. And today I did a lot...almost everything is boxed or bagged or binned. Time to just sit on the couch and take a deep breath.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Skippin Rocks by the Railroad Tracks..."

It's no secret that Rexburg lacks fun things to do...outside of town there are much more interesting places, sure...but we were low on gas. So today we got just far enough to St. Anthony- and it sufficed. I guess.
Walking through Henry's Fork.

Don't ask me what he is doing, cause I don't know.

Oh, what the days may bring...

After that we took a LONG nap (throwin pebbles really wears us out, haha) and went for a scooter ride at dusk to see Angels and Demons. The movie was good- Tom Hanks is a rockstar. I ate wayy too much popcorn and Jonathan said it made him sick. It seems like the same old story, too...sit in a row where the teenagers behind you are obnoxious and make a mess of their concessions. Drives me nutso. But, it was still good to get out of the apartment. I can't wait to move in 2 weeks!

Time for bed :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roses, Baskets, and Porch swings.

The one thing Jonathan and I like to do best is go outside. He likes to feel active and I like to feel free. He explores and I unwind. He loves grass and I love flowers.

And speaking of flowers, J surprised me with these the other day...I had never seen pink and white roses before but I think they're my new favorite.He also got me a basket for my bike- something that I've *mentioned* to him a lot recently...I mean, they're cute but they're PRACTICAL, too :) cause you can pack a picnic in them and whatever else you like. I decided I wanted to make mine really girly..This morning before J left for work we rode down the hill to the park and munched on granola bars and cookies..but mostly we goofed off :)On our way home we rode through the campus gardens. I love being there. It's so beautiful in the summer. There are MANY magical little spots to venture but we settled on just one- the porch :)
I'm grateful for the moments that we have to stop.