Thursday, July 9, 2009

Roses, Baskets, and Porch swings.

The one thing Jonathan and I like to do best is go outside. He likes to feel active and I like to feel free. He explores and I unwind. He loves grass and I love flowers.

And speaking of flowers, J surprised me with these the other day...I had never seen pink and white roses before but I think they're my new favorite.He also got me a basket for my bike- something that I've *mentioned* to him a lot recently...I mean, they're cute but they're PRACTICAL, too :) cause you can pack a picnic in them and whatever else you like. I decided I wanted to make mine really girly..This morning before J left for work we rode down the hill to the park and munched on granola bars and cookies..but mostly we goofed off :)On our way home we rode through the campus gardens. I love being there. It's so beautiful in the summer. There are MANY magical little spots to venture but we settled on just one- the porch :)
I'm grateful for the moments that we have to stop.

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SBR said...

that quote is nice : ) I haven't heard a quote I like that much in a while.