Monday, July 20, 2009

"Skippin Rocks by the Railroad Tracks..."

It's no secret that Rexburg lacks fun things to do...outside of town there are much more interesting places, sure...but we were low on gas. So today we got just far enough to St. Anthony- and it sufficed. I guess.
Walking through Henry's Fork.

Don't ask me what he is doing, cause I don't know.

Oh, what the days may bring...

After that we took a LONG nap (throwin pebbles really wears us out, haha) and went for a scooter ride at dusk to see Angels and Demons. The movie was good- Tom Hanks is a rockstar. I ate wayy too much popcorn and Jonathan said it made him sick. It seems like the same old story, too...sit in a row where the teenagers behind you are obnoxious and make a mess of their concessions. Drives me nutso. But, it was still good to get out of the apartment. I can't wait to move in 2 weeks!

Time for bed :)


Judi Judkins said...

Hi! Love the pictures. It is so cool to see pictures of you two. It helps me see you two are just the same as I remember. So, I started my own blog I don't know how to get a cool custom one like yours...maybe you could help. :)

Love, mom

SBR said...

I love the pictures Lindsey lou! You are so pretty : ) I need to call you soon, I miss our chats.
Love you