Sunday, June 12, 2011

these days...

There isn't much going on, to be honest. Every day is mostly the same, but I like it that way. I thrive on ROUTINE. :)

Jonathan is still busy at work with the Forest Service. He enjoys it when he gets to be out in the forest and I enjoy the wildflowers that he brings back for me :)

This last week he took his first ever business trip to Twin Falls where he certified to give out tickets and stuff. He stayed in super fancy hotel and had a room all to himself. He also got his meals paid for. SO basically he was pampered for a whole week. I really missed him but I'm glad that he got a little can get stressful at home sometimes! His boss also switched his off days to Tuesday and Wednesday. That means I take Talmage to church by myself-augh! haha... when is my vacation?

And actually- I will have my turn at the end of July. Talmage and I are going home to Louisiana for a whole week! I am so excited! I really miss my family and Talmage has grown up so much since they saw him last.

About that boy! Well he is becoming a pro at signing some new words like "more", "please", and "baby". He also understands "hug", "sleep", "happy", and "strong". I am so proud of our little guy! He just gets cuter every day :)
There was an incident a few nights ago that totally freaked me out. Somehow Talmage found a way to get out of his crib...but he went head first and landed on his face. I was in the living room when I heard the bloodcurdling scream. When I went in there he was curled up in a little ball on the floor screaming his lungs out. When you are that small, falling from the height of a crib could be very painful. I'm just glad he didn't snap his neck.
Here you can see his boo-boo's :(
We lowered the mattress so that it nearly touches the floor. I don't think he will be getting out again for a while!

And me? Well I am keeping busy with some sewing projects like these couch pillows:

I'm also working on an apron with this fabric:

And if the days keep being warm, sunny, & beautiful we will soon have some tomatoes and strawberries growing! Our little garden failed miserably last year so this is our second attempt :) Fingers are crossed...

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