Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Tight Wad Crafts": Bedroom Makeover part II

Jonathan and I (and little Talmage) went to Parma for President's Day weekend and had a blast! We did lots of visiting, a little bit of shopping, and TONS of thrift store scavanging. Joann's had some awesome sales and so I was able to add to my sewing shelf a bit :) When we got home I was chomping at the bit to get started on some more projects for our bedroom. It's just so addictive...if I go three days without making something I go nuts! So is what I did.

***warning! There are LOTS of pictures in this post. If you don't care for them, then don't continue reading. You won't hurt my feelings :)

Yes, more pillows. What can I say? They are easy and I think they add a lot to the room :)

Sometimes, when I'm lying in bed at night trying to fall asleep, I think of new projects. A random thought will pop into my head, like say, "Wouldn't it be cute to have our initials on a pillow?" And that is how this came to be. All you have to do for the letters is print them out from your computer in a font you like, trace them onto felt, pin the felt letters to the pillowcase, and sew a small zigzag stitch around the edges. So simple! ah, I love drowsy ideas.

I found this wooden candlestick at the thrift store for a buck. On the candle is a stretchy stringed, super sparkly bracelet and wire charm. Ignore the seemingly pink wall. It is white.


I have so many of these darn things that I figured it would be a good idea to have someplace to put them all. You can make so many different versions of this, but for mine I bought a frame from the D.I., spray painted it (is it not clear that spray paint is my best friend?), covered the inserts with fabric, and stuck some silk flowers and lace on it. Wallah, a place to put my trinkets. It looks super girly on the wall but I don't really have a choice here :D


I won't expand on this...basically I put the homemade burlap bloom in the spray painted frame. If you'd like to know how to make these blooms, here it is:
1.cut out a circle of felt that is one third of the size you want the bloom to be.
2.cut out 9 circles, all the same size. You will be folding these twice, so cut them the size you'd like the petals to be after folded.
3.fold 4 circles in half, then in half again, and hot glue -equally spaced- to the felt circle. Repeat with the next four circles, spacing them in between the first four.
4.fold the last circle just the same, and hot glue the pointy end to the middle of the bloom.

I didn't make this, but I did slap on some spray paint. Just thought I'd share :)

I didn't make this either, BUT I still think its neat. It is a drawing of me when I was a pregnant model for the art students. A well-known artist and art professor happened to walk in on a day I was modeling, and he let me keep this (which he was going to throw away). I think its... tender :)

These are by far my favorite two things in our bedroom. The lamps were so so cheap, and the shades were $8 a piece. As the lamps that I'd looked at before were $30-$50, I would happily pay the former.

I used this tutorial for the first lamp and followed it exactly. The one thing I did different was use hopsack linen instead of burlap, because I couldn't find burlap in white ANYWHERE. It worked just as good, and was probably easier to work with.

For the second lamp, I sort of just made something up. I wanted them to be a little different from each other (as the lamp bases are a bit different). So I just cut out strips of the same fabric, basted them, ruffled them, wrapped them around the lamp and put a flat strip at the top, seam facing in.

They look even more fabulous when turned on!

And there you have it! The key to a complete makeover are the little (and inexpensive) things :)

happy crafting!
edit*** it was asked where I got my lamp bases. I found them both at two different thrift stores for $2-$3 a piece. They are called ginger jar lamps, and they are pretty old-fashioned- which is why they are found at thrift stores! :)


The Garlands said...

can't wait to see these in person when i get there tomorrow :) so cute. maybe when tim and i move we'll be able to do a makeover on our bedroom.

Layla said...

You have seriously gone off the crafting deep end. I was once there but had to let go of it with work and Seminary.

I love the lamp shades and the lamp bases are fab! Where did you get them? I am obsessed with turquoise these days. We have a lot of it in our apt too. The best part is that it was Brock's idea to incorporate that color into our decor.