Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Tight Wad Crafts": Monogram Wreathe

Since I post a lot about stuff I make, I've decided to title those posts accordingly. Now you'll know before you read if it is just me rambling or me sharing a fun craft. I get my ideas from other fellow crafty bloggers---because there are like a million out there and I spend way too much time on blogger, stalking their genius :) The main idea here is that I have a very tight budget for things like this, and so I try to seek out the most inexpensive yet darling creations that anyone can do. (I would not call *myself* a tight wad, in fact most of the time I am anything BUT. still, you get the idea.)

I've had two addictions this week.
1.Gathering fabric, which I'll expand on in a later post.
2.Making fabric rosettes. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but they turned out remarkably decent. There are only so many things you can stick a rosette onto, and I didn't want to go *too girly all over our apartment. So, I made a wreathe.

I found the wreathe at the thrift store for $3. If you go to the outdoor section they usually have them lying everywhere- still you may have to dig a little. For the last name inital I mod-podged scrapbook paper onto a wooden letter from the craft store. so easy!

And the fabric rosettes are incredibly simple to make. There are a few differing tutorials out there, but I found this one to be the most effortless. You can wind them tight or loose. I like mine a little looser and vintage-looking (if you like the vintage feel be sure to TEAR the fabric instead of cut...which I didn't do this time but they turn out better that way!)

And wallah! A great big personalized greeting to welcome you to your humble abode.
Happy crafting :)


Kevin and Emily said...

So cute!! you'll have to teach me how to make those!!

The Garlands said...

so so cute :) I loved everything that you've been doing. I wish my hubby would let me decorate our house as cute as your's lets you.

Jayme Searle said...

Lindsey you are so cute!
I like how you call this simple. Haha for others, like myself, I call it impossible!