Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reasons why I'm happy!

1. Mubarak has stepped down at last! What a momentous time of history that we can witness! (at least through the news channel) I know that the Egyptians have waited for this through much long-suffering. I had a great big smile on my face all day yesterday.

2. Valentine's Day. Of course, right? What married person doesn't love this holiday?! More details to come :)

3. Blu-ray. I know this sounds stupid. But lately I've really been lovin this high-def stuff on our 1080p tv. Who knew movie-watching could be so awesome? We also just joined the Disney Movie Club and received our first 7 Disney blu-rays in the mail :) looove it.

4. Good friends. We have some really good friends here in the burg. I am so thankful for this...I love my ward so much! More specifically I LOVE our Relief Society girls! There's a bit of every kind of personality type :)

5. I have the cutest little boy ever.

Goodnight and happy thoughts!

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The Garlands said...

those are great reasons to be happy!!!!!