Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Tight Wad Crafts": Bedroom Makeover

My all-time favorite craft blog out there is Ashley's Make It & Love It from Georgia. She is full of amazing ideas and I have to be careful every time I read one of her posts because I am almost ALWAYS inspired. Thanks to her, I have been able to give our bedroom a little flare( and at such a low cost!) I used these tutorials of hers:

Hanging Flower Garden

Flower Wall Hanging
Ruffled Pillow

The results?

I am loving it! I got inspired a while ago with grey and yellow. Subtle yet cheery :) And so fun to decorate with...I am thinking about adding some light blue in there. More pics to come as it is a work in progress!

Anyway, about Ashley's tutorials. They are incredible easy to follow, and you don't need much sewing skills for any of it (believe me, I am still such an beginner at the whole sewing thing).

The flower garden was by far my favorite. Every day I look at it and think- "I made that? cool!"

The flower wall hanging works by a similar concept. The tutorial says to use an art canvas or to make your own hanging, but I am broke remember? So I improvised and used our Cup of Noddles box. I know- so tacky clever :)

Girly much? Maybe. Jonathan is getting skeptical, but hopefully we can find a way to add in some of his masculinity ;)

I desperately needed some decorative pillows for our new bedding because they are like $40 a piece. I found almost 3 yards of this grey quilted fabric at Joanns, which is liqiudating and changing locations, for $2! Amazing. Then I stuck some rosettes on it and wallah!

So the next project was a fun ruffly pillow! Jonathan helped me make this one. I taught him to make a basting stitch on the sewing machine and off we went like a madman! I was so proud :)

I discovered a little trick while making this REALLY helps if you pull the fabric in opposite direction of the seam as you are sewing, so that instead of looking like this

it will look like this! :)

I really need to stop making is so addictive.

I hope some of you can enjoy these tutorials! They sure are easy and affordable! Happy decorating!


Jay said...

very very cute. i love the colors. again, i wish i had a sewing machine to do all these cutesy things. loves

SBR said... that was my comment. sarah. me. i think the computer was signed in to josh's email account!

Jessica Mullins said...

I'm about to redo my living room in these exact colors. I may just have to replicate some of your ideas!! They are great!