Monday, February 7, 2011

Ups and Downs

Here in the Dennett household things are going...well, a little bit in every direction. We have our ups and downs.

*Jonathan has started p90x, and he is on the fifth day! I am so proud of him. It is way too intense for me...and the average human being :/
*at the same time I have started Slim in 6 again (the first time I only made it to one week). I really want to stay with it this time, and it really helps that Jonathan is working out daily too. We encourage and remind each other about our commitment to stay fit.
*we have started eating better. I'm not talking out life changes, but just the little things. Like, not eating late at night, having smaller portions and more healthy snacks in between, limiting sugar intake, and including more vegetables in our diet. I already feel like I have more energy and we both sleep better at night.
*we are nearly done with our taxes and have made some big plans for our tax returns. I feel so blessed to have aunt Mandy...she is Jonathan's aunt and she used to be an accountant. She does our taxes every year with her accountant credentials and lets us know what our return will be. She knows how to get us the most money :)
*just having little T is an up in itself. He is already standing on his own and can take up to 5 steps! I can't even believe how he balances those proportions. We love him so much and every day there is something new to smile or laugh about!
*Jonathan has a job! He didn't even need to apply. One of his old professors, also a head of the Recreation Management department, called and asked if he could be his T.A. He gladly accepted and sets aside a few hours every day to work on that.

*Talmage is teething. Its impossible to predict which nights we will get sleep. Poor little guy.
*the little guy and I both have colds. never fun!
*There is so much snow outside its almost depressing. I've never been a snow fan, so its hard for me to turn this into a good thing. We did buy snow pants for Talmage but as we are still sick, that will have to wait.

Remember that sewing class I mentioned? Well the people at Registrations let me in on a little secret. I am not allowed to audit a class as a non-student. Most teachers aren't aware of this, apparently. Sooo...that's out. I did learn some useful things though and I will continue to sew little projects that come along. The only thing I accomplished in the class was this pillowcase. It matches a baby blanket of Talmage's that his aunt Layla made. I really love this fabric- very boyish with the dinosaurs and bugs :)

Also, instead of pilates some girls from the ward persuaded me into going to Zumba. LOVE it. I never knew I could dance like that for an hour straight and still get an awesome workout! I plan on going every week, that is if I'm not still sore from my other stuff, and if I'm not sick :/

That is our current state in a nutshell. Luckily the list of "Ups" is longer :)

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SBR said...

i love the pillowcases : ) very cute fabric. jealous of you and your crafty self! get feeling better and yay for jonathan and his new job!