Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

I promised to myself and to Jonathan this year we wouldn't do anything for Valentine's Day...mostly because of our low funds. Also, I've never been a huge fan of this holiday growing up- it seemed a little froofy :) But a few days ago, I realized that for me to pass up this once-a-year holiday that allows me to go all out in expressing my gratitude and love for my sweet husband is sort of silly. So, I came up with a last minute gift idea.

First I did what I most enjoy- writing poetry. It was a great way for me to express just how I feel :)

I love the old-fashioned script...

I also found these "love coupons" on the Tatertots & Jello blog. Normally I would find this kind of thing cheesy, but it was helpful to a gal with little moneys :)

Some of them were blank, so that I could write stuff in.

Yes, that does say "one free video game" because I broke down and splurged just a little and got him "Force Unleashed". I wrote "of my choice' just to throw him off :)

And lastly to top it off I covered the bed and bedroom floor in exactly 125 Reese's candy hearts, plus a giant one on his pillow!

All I can say is that it felt good to show Jonathan how much I love, respect, and cherish him. He is my best friend and I was swept off my feet from the first time I laid eyes on him as he came off the plane from his mission. I could not ask for a better man!

If anyone is wondering, Jonathan got me a fabulous smelling candle from Bath and Body Works, along with a most touching card and my favorite chocolate truffles. Did I mention that I love him so much?!?!?

To end this blissful day, we ate a delicious meal of heart shaped pasta topped with shrimp and pesto! yum. And now I get to watch the Bachelor. woohoo!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Please share your own love days on your blogs!


The Garlands said...

so cute. love the ideas!!! i plan to post about our week of love, because tim keeps on spoiling me each day ;)

Layla said...

You guys are such love saps. Heart shaped pasta? Jealous.