Friday, December 30, 2011

Old and New

2011 was an amazing year for our family.

January- I learned how to sew. Big leap of faith for me... and the thought "Maybe I can be crafty..."
February- Our bedroom got a makeover. It is still being made over, though...
March- Jonathan and I both felt the urge to stop being fatties. He did P90x and I did Slim in 6, resulting in me weighing less than pre-pregnancy. It was glorious. yes...I have gained all and more of that back now...but I have an excuse...
April- Our baby turned one year old. He had a Curious George themed party :D also I turned 22, no big deal really.

May- Jonathan turned 24, Talmage experienced his first trip to the zoo, and we received the largest tax return of our marital history :)
June- I took this picture, which I still think is so dang funny.
Oh and we found out I was pregnant again- oh happy day!
July- went to home sweet Louisiana and also learned how to coupon semi-well...not yet an "extremist" and I don't think I ever will be...
August- Talmage's first camping trip, which ended briefly due to an awfully sick child with double ear infections. Thus began the dark ages!!!
September-  All of us got to spend an awesome vacation in Grand Jean & Garden Valley, Idaho. Saw beautiful scenery and sat in hot springs, a geothermal pool, and a hot tub- very relaxing vacation!
October-  We found out we are having a girl-yipee! And Talmage got tubes in his ears- double yipee! He was one happy and HEALTHY pirate for Halloween.
November- T-man got his first haircut (big difference there!). We spent Thanksgiving with both sides of the family and had such a wonderful time!
December- Jonathan graduated and we became a couple of BYU-I alumni folk. 
We also celebrated our three year anniversary. woo :)

I've been thinking a lot about some things I want to do in the year 2012, not "resolutions" really but just some goals. Making resolutions personally makes me feel like I'm no good now, but I think I've done a pretty good job as a wife & mother so far. There are things though that I still haven't done and keep putting off. So here is my list of New Year Goals! ...hopefully they will become New Year Accomplishments.

  • Learn to crochet and cross-stitch. There are so many amazingly talented women in our ward right now that could help me with this.
  • Complete our "Family Survival" stash. We have so far a small food storage (would be bigger if we had room), 72 hour kit for two, and Emergency Car Kit. I really want to establish a First Aid in there among some other things.
  • Get back into baking cheesecake. Those were such good days!
  • After Emmalynne is born I plan on doing some intense working out. The very thought terrifies me but I saw the change it made in my husband and that has motivated me enough. And I'm gonna need to work off that cheesecake somehow...
  • Learn to utilize my Silhouette to a greater extent. I just learned that it can sketch, cut fabric, and make magnets too. Oh me oh my!
  • Breastfeed our baby girl for longer than 6 months. I think I can I think I can I think I can....
  • Become 100 % financially independent and pay OFF our debt. No student loans, thankfully, just the evil that is our credit card...
  • Get more involved with family history work. We just recently learned how to index and it is definitely something I am capable of doing, even if its just for five minutes every day.
  • Return to the world of couponing. Not in the extreme way but just to save money on some things I would normally buy. 
  • Raise two happy and healthy children in the best way that I can. By no means am I a perfectly patient mommy, but this is something I'm really trying to work on. The thought of there being TWO of them still overwhelms me but I know that with the Lord's help all can be well. It can be better than well, actually :)
The list may change some, but for now these things are engrained on my soul! I know all things are possible with faith & determination.

So, fellow bloggers, what are your goals for the new year?

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jjudkins said...

Your 72 hr kit is for 4 people...just do you know.