Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Utah trip and baby stuff

December was really crazy...I'm glad we're home for good now, at least until we move in April or May. I will be happy not to travel for a while! It really is stressful with a toddler who has a set schedule and doesn't enjoy being taken away from the familiar. Oh, and also who has double ear infections and a sinus infection. sheesh, I'm surprised we all still have our sanity!

I'm always so surprised, though, that our son remains such a happy little boy even when he is sick...

We just got back from Utah, where we attended Jonathan's oldest brother getting sealed to his bride! It was lovely. We got to see some family members that we haven't seen in years (Megan, why didn't we take a picture?). Talmage got to meet his cousin Ryleigh and they LOVED playing together even though she is about 18 months older than him :]

He also got to see his cousin Ethan again! (whom he lovingly calls "Ithan")

On another note, remember how I was stuck with naming our girl Emmalynne? Well, we keep going back and forth when we hear a new name we like, and one in particular we really love. So I'm not so sure what her name will be anymore. I kinda think we should just wait and see what name seems right for her after she's born, but we shall see! I just want it to be the right one because she'll live with it for the rest of her life. That's kind of a big deal, right?

Everything else is wrapping up for baby "no-name" nicely though! We've got lots of clothes now and accessories. I don't know how she'll have time to wear them all but I hear girls can't have enough outfits...and people have been really thoughtful with making her things that I can't wait to use! I couldn't resist another lil project- this fabric was perfect for a car seat cover!

I've also added a few things to her "corner" of the bedroom. An owl pillow that matches the crib perfectly and this fur rug from Ikea. It is sooo soft. (ps- I'm not doing an "owl theme"..but I think they are so cute and can't resist putting some owl touches here & there)

some white baskets from Ikea for her clothes

 and we cleaned out one half of Talmage's closet just for her stuff. I am kind of obsessed with organizing, if you couldn't tell...

My last appointment with my midwife went great, too! I'm measuring slightly ahead and have gained 16 lbs. so far. I'm getting swollen all over, especially in my face, but haven't needed to take off my wedding ring yet. I also found out that the little bump behind my bellybutton is a HERNIA. Yes, a hernia! I kinda laughed at first...until she told me I might have to have it surgically removed after delivery. When I sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard it pushes out and hurts....I think its the weirdest thing ever.

And here's my 33 week bump in all its glory, hernia and all (though you won't be able to see it).
Only 7 weeks to go!

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The Garlands said...

sorry to hear that you have a hernia. :( that's one thing I would never want! Glad everything else is going good.