Monday, January 9, 2012

applique onesies

For the past 4 or 5 days, Jonathan and I have been sick. I'm not sure with what exactly...we've both had sore throats for a few weeks, a sure sign of the evil to come! Finally we were hit with a horrible headcold and it has truly exhausted us...thankfully, Talmage is mostly better from his sickness so his uppity attitude and energy keeps us entertained :]

While being sick, I've had a lot of time to completely unproductive. So yesterday I decided I needed SOME project to keep my hands busy. I was inspired by this applique onesie that my super talented sister-in-law made for the baby.

I thought it was so cute and wanted to learn how to do it, so I looked it up on Pinterest and found the tutorial. This was my first experience with Heat n Bond, and let me tell you- that stuff is amazing! It literally makes sewing on appliques a piece of cake. The project soon became addicting and I couldn't stop myself!

As you can see, my sewing is not perfect! I did a zig-zag stitch around each applique to prevent fraying, plus it looks really cute and hides sewing flaws.

The animals were free templates that I just printed, and they turned out great! the flower I cut by hand, so don't look too closely...these onesies all needed a little something extra, so Jonathan picked out buttons from my stash :] He likes to help with my little projects, hehe.

 I couldn't resist making one with the initial of a name we currently like. I know it could still change, and if it does then she just won't wear it :] But this one is probably my favorite!

Most of the fabric was just scraps I had lying around, but I did buy a few fat quarters from Walmart for really cheap. And my only other purchases were the pack  of white onesies (I would recommend Carter's brand, the Gerber ones were thinner material and harder to work with), some thread (I welcome any excuse to buy more thread... there are just so many colors..), and the sewable Heat n Bond ($3-4?) I guess it added up in the end but once you have the basics you can go hog wild!

I keep saying that I am DONE with baby projects, but we shall see...


The Garlands said...

those are very cute :)

Danielle said...

Hey- visiting from the Feb birth board on BC. These are very cute!

Tyler and Kelly said...

Love them, might inspire me to get out my sewing machine!

jjudkins said...

Very Cute Lindsey. Your kids are styling!!

Kevin and Emily said...

These are so adorable! I love them!