Friday, March 5, 2010

On A Sunday

Lately things for Jonathan and I have been slowly smoothing out. Our stresses about this summer are still there, but I know that the Lord is helping us figure it all out.

The biggest issue is a job for Jonathan. He has been very eager to try out something either in Theraputic Recreation or with the Bureau of Land Management. He has filled out countless applications and heard back from none of them. Months ago, he turned in his application to the BLM office and now they tell him they won't hire seasonally because of their budget. This would have been nice to know, say...two months ago? But what can ya do? SO a few days ago he attended a Career Fair here on campus. There he ran into his previous employer from last summer, manager at Heise Hot Springs and a good friend to our family. Heise really loved Jonathan when he worked there for his internship, and it was low-stress, easy to manage, and quite rewarding....the manager told him that he would love to have J come back this summer to work and start him at a higher salary. Jonathan, though, is the kind of person that likes to change things up. The thought of returning to work at Heise isn't his first choice- but for right now it is our best option. A job is a job! And in Rexburg, good jobs to support families are very hard to find.

The other stress is our debt. But hopefully these tax returns will get here soon and we can fix some of that! I also have money coming from Mary Kay for all that product I never sold :) And...Jonathan just became a fitness consultant with an online program called Beachbody that we hope will bring in some extra income each week.

And then there is this little boy on the way.
It is scary, yes, but I have to keep looking at it from a grateful perspective. We have been so blessed throughout this entire pregnancy with insurance, health, and supportive friends and family. There have been absolutely no complications and I am measuring right on track- according to the doctor. The nursery is complete and I really like it, actually :) I can't wait to be a mother and hold our sweet little bundle in my arms all day long. There are still plenty of things to fret over but why should I? I will never be a first-time mom ever again- this is the one and only chance I have. What a precious time :)

And like a cherry to top off our sundae of success is the new Wii! My parents were so gracious to send us their Wii because they don't play it very much. It came last night and we have been having a blast together playing it, hehe. It will be nice to have something in this house that we can do together and enjoy.

To end today's post I just wanted to put up these pics from last Sunday. After church we felt like getting out of the house, so we went to Warm River and fed the fishies :) It is one of my favorite places to go in the winter because it is nearly empty of people and full of snow-bank beauty.
Of course Jonathan couldn't resist pulling out his fly pole...crazy boy trudged through 5 feet of snow in his swim trunks...We are ready for you now, Spring!


Emily said...

This is definitely the hardest part of young married life~ not knowing where you will be in the months to come! We are going through that right now too!

Warm river looks fun! I am sooo ready for spring to...

SBR said...

i just finished catching up reading all your latest posts! it was definitely nice to know how you and your cute family are doing : ) my sister in law has a blog too, and she just recently started it up again. the other day on house, the newest episode was about a girl who blogged all the time....needless to say i want to start it up again! haha i love you and i think we need to catch up for real and have a phone date : )

SBR said...

p.s. i love your background and i went to the website - i can't choose! haha. i like the one i have now but they're all so adorable...anyway, thanks for the site.