Friday, March 26, 2010


Just a forewarning,this post is all about how great I think my husband is. It is very mushy and that is because I think he's pretty darn great.
I've been thinking a lot today about Jonathan becoming a dad. Funny how this whole time I wondered about my motherly abilities and how I will handle it all, when all that anxiety would be soothed had I considered the equally important role of father.

Jonathan grew up as the "baby brother" with 3 older boys, and the only sibling younger than him is his sister. He has little experience with newborns and worries that he won't know what to do. I worried a little about this, too, since I don't know what I'm doing either. I stopped worrying when I saw him with his sister.
There is no one more sweet, more understanding, and more tender than Jonathan with Cressa. He plays with her like a little kid and makes sure she is comfortable. He finds new ways to help her use her arm that is slightly shorter than the other, and in turn strengthens her physical ability. He has deep concerns for her about being accepted and loved by her friends. And whenever they are together you can tell that he is her best friend.

Jonathan may not feel ready for a little newborn, but he already does things for me that I know will be magnified with his son. For the last 3 weeks I've had a cold and stuffy nose (thank you pregnancy) and he has picked up more than a million snotty tissues off the floor, heated up hot pads for me in the middle of the night, given me hour-long foot and back massages, stroked my forehead when I couldn't sleep, and many more little things that have made this last 9 months *lots easier. On some days, he comes back from his early class and finding me still sick in bed, crawls in and helps me relax back into sleep instead of doing what he would probably prefer. Not to mention, before I ever got pregnant he would do those same things "just because".
And he cares about my mental and emotional well-being, too. For my sanity's sake, he gets me out of this apartment and brightens my days with road trips, beautiful rivers and mountains, planting a garden, or just walking around the mall and letting me spend time in my favorite stores. He will actually stand in Bath and Body Works with me and smell every single candle and wallflower, giving his two-bits with each one.

Jonathan is also an excellent cook. He brings trout back from the river and grills it fresh, and I haven't tasted anything more savory in my entire life. It should also be noted that I haven't felt like cooking for the last, oh, 5 months but Jonathan doesn't complain. He is happy to make me pancakes for dinner if I so want them.
All of that being said, I have absolute faith that this man will be a wonderful father. He is so charitable and loving that I can't possibly imagine him not being there when I, or the baby, need him. I know that he is excited, and he shows it a little more each day. Yesterday I caught him sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery, cuddling the baby's pillow to his face :)Having him by my side calms so many of my fears about the next few weeks. I could not do this without him. I officially feel ready to start our family!

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Andrew and Shae said...

That is so amazing! Isn't it so awesome how each year you draw closer and closer to each other? And then a baby comes along and just when you thought you couldn't love your spouse anymore, you do. Wow! I'm glad you love your husband as much as you do and i hope that that love continues to grow. I'm really happy for you girl!