Saturday, November 3, 2012

blog re-do anyone?

I change my blog about as much as I change my clothes. really I change clothes more, but you get the point. I am never satisfied with the way my blog looks. UNTIL NOW :) (maybe)

I am a little behind on the whole technology thing...someone just recently introduced me to Spotify (a free application that lets you listen to music), and it ROCKS. But I did not know that till like 2 days ago.

Another program that's 100% FREE and awesome is Picasa. If you don't have it, download it now.

Something I just learned how to do on Picasa is make a blog header. Totally customizable and cute, not something you pulled from a free blogger backgrounds website that a million other users have. And honestly I don't even like those free "buttons" and "banners" and "headers". They're kinda tacky. just my opinion.

So, if you want to make your very own picture collage with text like the one I have posted above, here is what you do!

1. Download Picasa. It will automatically pull all the pictures from anywhere on your computer.
2. Go to Create> Picture Collage.
3. Add whatever pictures you like to your collage and arrange, resize, edit them however you please.
4. Save the collage just as it is with pictures only.
5. After it saves, it will be in your Picasa. Open it up again, and click the tab that looks like a monkey wrench. Then click on the "Text" option.
6. Add your text to your collage. You can use any font you've previously downloaded from the internet.
7. Save it by clicking "export" and be sure to save it with the maximum quality so everything looks nice & crisp when you blow it up. You may need to play around with the size (I re-sized my collage to 800 pixels to fit the blog).

I hope that helps. A few friends have mentioned that they wish they could change up their blogs but didn't know how. So there it is. and it's FREE. :D


Markie said...

Your blog is ALWAYS adorable. But I have to say, this is my favorite. Love the Header. I'll definitely try out Picasa when I get a chance. So cute!

Photographs n Memories said...

your blog is adorable... and now i want mine to look cute too..i dont have picasa...and it may be like pinterest (addicting!)...cant wait to have time to change mine :)

Chevron andLace said...

That's where I create all of my blog/photo magic, too! That and paint, believe it or not!

Chevron & Lace