Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tis The Season

I never thought I'd come out of it...but- I'm all better! My body is feeling glorious and food has never tasted better. It feels so good to be me again.

And I am still me, but a lot has changed. For one, there is this hard ball just under my bellybutton that makes strange flutters in the night and cramps up constantly. Whenever it gets tight, the only thing to relieve it is to pee. I can't begin to count the number of increased trips I've made to the bathroom's completely insane. Every ten minutes I feel like I'm gonna explode! Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

Jonathan and I are hand-making all our gifts this year because we are so broke. It's turning out pretty good..but I feel so cheap. The gift J is making is *really* cool, but my gifts are so...what is the word...craft-maid. I just hope my family members will still love me on Christmas morning, haha.

Speaking of the holidays, it began snowing last night in Rexburg. It is beautiful but oh-so-cold...and it makes horrible company with the wind. Ah well. I'm just excited to put up Christmas decor...we haven't used any of it yet since we were married barely before Christmas last year. It was so fun getting married around Christmas time because people would give us nativity sets and other holiday trinkets for presents :) Those things meant much more to me than the pyrex dishes and bath towels... (even though we needed those, too). Anyway, before I can even think about Christmas we have to get to Thanksgiving-and I'm super excited for this one.

I miss my family. It's been almost a year since I've seen my parents and little sister. I'm just counting down the days!!!


SBR said...

i am so glad you are better! that does stink you can't comment on my blog, but it's ok! the holiday season just seems to give you an extra boost huh? i feel more energetic and happy, not to mention excited to move in to our new place next week! and you will get to see your family soon! hooray!! and find out if there's a little boy or girl in your oven too! ah, just so many excitements. haha. love you

Layla said...

There is nothing wrong with making things as gifts. Sometimes I really really hate Christmas because it has become soo over commercialized and all people care about are gifts. At least when someone gives me something homemade and people ask about it, I get excited and say oh so and so made it for me, it's one of a kind, you can't get it from Target.