Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love Love but not the loveBUG

It is Valentine's Day and Jonathan and I are both sick. That means no going to church and no eating dinner with the cousins... :( Luckily, we did our lovey stuff earlier in the week. I heart-attacked the apartment while J was in class and made him a chocolate-strawberry trifle cake. And I made porkchops :) And he did the funniest thing...haha...we made a lil video if you wanna see.

It's a little dark and I'm horrible with the camera, so if you can't tell the first bear had a sign that said "There aren't enough bear hugs in the world" and the last bear's sign said "that will ever amount to how much I love you" :) Cute idea...I give him major props.

And here is Jerry, our snowman. After four very sunny days he doesn't look this pleasant anymore- but we still like him :)
Getting a little fresh there...
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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