Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gracco, Eat your Heart Out

Introducing my new mouth-watering desire.


I really, really want this stroller. It has many fabulous features. It fits two children, whether they be newborns or toddlers or one of each. It's unique because one can sit behind the other, whereas most double strollers are "double wides." It has a metal frame, inflatable tires, amazing steering, a sleek look, and many accessories. You may be wondering how such a stroller came to exist. Basically, Phil & Teds did a poll on all their best strollers, and people responded as to what they would have different. Then the company took all those suggestions and created this MEGA stroller, aka The Explorer. It comes in blue, red, black, and green. Personally, I love that bright lime green pop of color. Starting tomorrow I am creating a fund for this majestic beauty. Hopefully in 3 months time it will be mine! Hopefully.

As for my Gracco stroller, it is going on craigslist.


Logan and Ashleigh said...

That is exactly the one I am saving up for...ITS PERFECT!!! can't wait for us to take walks with our sweet double strollers :)

Miqmi said...

Uh.....guys? I ate to be the one to need to say this, but ummm...you each have only one child! :)

The Dennett's said...

Only for now. The stroller can hold two toddlers up to ages 5-6. So it will be perfect for later when we need to have two strollers.

The Dennett's said...

Oh, and the second seat is removable, so you can just use the one if you want :) See- I told you- perfect :)

The Garlands said...

that looks like an awesome stroller. I'm totally going to be looking at getting me one once i need one.