Thursday, June 19, 2014

the pie don't lie!

Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound for baby #3!

I was super stressed/nervous all day- not sure why...I always worry that something bizarre will show up on the screen. It's irrational- I know. But well, anxiety has been my constant companion lately.

When we saw the two arms and legs, pudgy tummy, and sweet little face my nerves calmed all at once. The ultrasound tech said "Oh good, you're contraction is finally over. Were you stressing?" She showed me how my uterus had been contracting for the first few minutes of the ultrasound- not totally unusual at this stage but not common either. I realized how true it was that my emotions were impacting my body- and decided I needed to just CALM DOWN.

We asked not to know the gender, but have the "reveal picture" placed into an envelope. We thought it would be more fun and personal to find out as a family at home. I arranged with a local baker to prepare us a pie- one flavor for girl and one flavor for boy. We wouldn't know the pie flavor until we opened the box :) I figured this way- even if Talmage was disappointed that he wasn't getting a brother- at least he'd be getting desert!

We picked strawberry ganache for girl and chocolate cream for boy. Both pies have these swirly chocolate shavings on top, and as the kids began to pull back the paper I saw the shavings and my mind immediately thought "oh it's a boy!" until they pulled it back further and there in the middle were big, red strawberries!

And just for fun :) Here are the stats of my preggo self in all my 20 week glory.

cravings: I don't really have an appetite throughout the day until the kids go to bed. Then the hunger monster consumes me :) My only cravings have been sushi and pickles.

morning sickness: All gone, I think. But there are days I still feel lousy and lightheaded or just really, really lazy.

weight gain: Still 10 lbs. less than what I was before I became pregnant. I think this is mainly due to my decrease in appetite.

ring on/off: On- so far no swelling anywhere, thank goodness.

weird pregnancy symptoms: Nearly every time I sneeze I pee my pants a little. It really sucks.

how big is baby: the Internet says a mango..? haha. But the ultrasound tech said the fruit comparisons are usually inaccurate and totally ridiculous. :)

maternity clothes: Oh gracious, yes. The pants mostly- I NEED elastic waistbands.

baby names: You betcha! I have a few names that I love- when she's born hopefully we'll have an easier time narrowing it down. Can I just say I LOVE baby girl names? my goodness. 

sleep: It's...okay. Not great. After two pregnancies my body pillow has lost its "umph". I usually lean against Jonathan for back support which helps a lot.

what I miss: Sleeping on my tummy without feeling incredibly awkward...finishing my meals...and being able to pick up and hold either child for longer than one minute.

what I'm excited for:
Charlotte to be a big sister, and having a little "live doll" to adore and swoon over. I've also always wanted to buy matching dresses for two girls (oh boy, I'm in trouble...)
Talmage being tender towards another baby (he was the sweetest when C was a baby...but that's worn off. Now they feed off one another's hyperactivity!)
And just having a baby in the house again. It is the sweetest feeling.


Westensee Family said...

What an awesome story and awesome idea. Very adorable. Genders now stress me out since having Parker... There was clearly 3 lines on the ultrasound but he is full on boy down there. It's exciting

The Leders! said...

I need to comment more! I read your blog and love keeping up with you guys :) SO EXCITED for you!!! Baby girls are so fun as you know! Congrats!!!