Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween week & baby shower

Our Halloween week was very busy...but very fun! I've been so focused on getting this and that accomplished before the baby decides to come that I had to remind myself of few things...

1. this is our kid's Halloween and I need to make it as fun as possible, especially since soon they won't be getting as much attention as they are used to.
2. fun can also be REALLY SIMPLE... so don't overthink this one, momma.

Well, we managed to keep it simple and still have a whole lot of fun. I think Halloween is just pure fun all by itself without any extra effort. It all comes down to seeing the smiles on our kid's faces when someone says "Wow! Love your costume!" or "Do you want some candy? What are the magic words?" People are so nice about it, if they haven't already seen 20 some-odd Spidermans and Cinderellas already. It's great :)

On Wednesday our ward had a trunk-or-treat and it turned out to be much better than I thought. All the kids went around 2 or 3 times, and when we got home I realized our kiddos had trick-or-treated themselves a HOARD of candy. Yeesh.

It was a hoot, though. I was excited to finally wear my pregnant skeleton shirt that I worked hard on slaved over. Apparently you can buy these shirts online...would have saved me some time, but I always prefer making things anyway. I loved being able to include baby in our Halloween somehow :)

By the way, Jonathan wasn't going to dress up. But on Tuesday night this convo took place:

me: "Hun, you really need to cut your hair. It's beastly."
J: "'s a bit Wolverine-ish..."
me: "Hmm...Wolverine is cool. I wonder if people make Wolverine claws for would you even do that?"
J: "I'm sure it's on Pinterest."

We got on Pinterest. Yes, there are hundreds of people who make their own claws for Wolverine costumes. They all looked fancy. Then we started talking about how we could make cheap ones from cardboard and tin foil. And his costume was born. The end :)

The next day, Thursday, we went to our friend's house and had ourselves a cute little Halloween party with moms and their kids. The kids (and some moms) all wore their costumes and we had snacks, talked, and played. It was so simple but awesome because my littles were WORN OUT and basically slept for the rest of that day.

Also, since their costumes were filthy from the night before (thank you, rain mixed with dirt), I let them dress up as something else for the party. Talmage was Batman and Charlotte was a fairy of sorts. The more costumes the better, right?
Friday {Halloween} we actually didn't do much during the day. I baked cookies for my baby shower taking place the next morning and set aside stuff for that. The kids were pretty wound up with excitement of going trick-or-treating, so I thought it best to keep them as relaxed and low-key as possible...not only for my own sanity but theirs as well.

It was a good strategy. By the time 5 pm rolled around they were READY for some candy-getting action. And they lasted for about 2 1/2 hours, being just the cutest little things you ever saw. I don't think there's anything more fun for a parent than taking your kids trick-or-treating. I want to save those memories forever! {insert some light sobbing here...}

While we walked around the neighborhood I was having consistent contractions. I thought for sure we'd be having ourselves a Halloween baby! But they stopped as soon as I sat down to rest. It was an interesting time...

Afterwards we went through the Taco Bell drive-in (my latest craving) and headed home. It was a perfect night and I am SO thankful that the rain decided not to soak us all that night. It didn't even sprinkle. :)

As if our week wasn't wonderful enough, the next day my friend Jen threw a really sweet baby shower together for me. I wasn't going to have a shower for this one but she insisted, especially since we have misplaced/lost the tote labeled "baby girl clothes: newborn- 3 months". We still haven't located that darn tote and I think it's gone forever...lost in the move, maybe? Anyway... I feel MUCH more prepared for baby now! She won't be naked, thank goodness. Except when she needs to be, of course ;)

The theme of the shower was "Milk & Cookies"- so there was much yumminess to be had! Jen and I had a ton of fun baking lots of cookies and swapping recipes. We laid out a plethora of cookie flavors like maple pecan, caramel apple, chocolate chip, brown sugar spice, peanut butter, and some favorite store-bought varieties like maple creme and oreos : She also had some different kinds of milk and I made crockpot wassail (my family's favorite this season since we've been sick so much!). We all sat around the crackling fireplace and had some much needed girl-chat time. It was really lovely. I have such amazing friends here and I am really grateful for their support.
Each guest got an extra raffle ticket if they brought a pack of diapers. The winner got a beautiful home goods basket- this was all Jen's idea and it worked out perfectly. I wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone that came but we were having too much fun, I guess!

So now we play the waiting game. My due date is tomorrow and while I would love for her to come at anytime, I also woke up today super sick. Like- sore throat, congestion, and headache sick. I can't imagine giving birth naturally while feeling this way, so perhaps if she waited a few days to a week it would be better...?

At least Jonathan and the kids are over their sickness- hopefully it will be ALL out of our systems before baby is here.

Aside from sickness, I feel like I'm finally ready. Everything we wanted to do and get done is checked off the list, the hospital and kid's bags are packed, the nursery is done, and it's NOVEMBER! I was really set on having a November babe :) I heard that fresh pineapple helps bring on labor so- among other things- I've been stuffing my face with the stuff. And walking. And bouncing on my birth ball. And trying to take naps any chance I get in case I need the extra energy. It's a nice, relaxing time...but I'm just a little bit impatient to meet her! I know the kids will love her, too, and I seriously can NOT wait for them to see their new little sister. It's pretty much all they talk about these days!

Goodbye, Halloween... you were so much fun but now I'm ready for BABY and TURKEY :D

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