Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Pictures 2014

I was SO thrilled to take cute pictures of all three kids this year and make awesome cards and send them to everyone we know...

If any of you saw our "Christmas Card Outtakes" on Facebook, you already know that my attempts were less than successful, haha.

So I pouted for a few days because of course I ONLY remembered the bad shots. I refused to plug in my SD card into the computer and edit pictures because I knew I would end up deleting most of them. So sad.

After my tantrum was over, I discovered indeed that most of them, though hilariously bad, were un-useable for said awesome cards. But I also realized we got some keepers. And though cards were never sent, I really REALLY cherish these captured moments.

And plus, I need to give myself a break. I just had a baby, after all. Life shouldn't be so stressful as I make it sometimes.

Here are my favorites. Enjoy!

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Chevron andLace said...

Look at your kiddos! My heart. Just. Melted.