Friday, May 1, 2015

bunnies, birthdays, & beads

So much to catch up on! April was busy buys like usual. Easter, Conference, and two birthdays!
I want to get all caught up on stuff before we leave tomorrow for Idaho & Utah :)

Some things we did this year-

*ward egg hunt in the rain*
 goooood times.

*visited the baby chicks, bunnies, turkeys, and ducks at the ranch store*

 *performed some egg-coloring magic with koolaid, fine glitter, and rubberbands*

*had another little egg hunt at home Saturday morning. And the Easter Bunny brought some goodies!*

Charlotte got the sweetest dolly wrap. Its the same brand as my wrap and she totally loves acting like a little mommy! 
On Easter morning we enjoyed cinnamon rolls & watching General Conference. It was a wonderful Easter overall!

And then it was T's birthday. He is FIVE now! Craaaaaazay. We didn't have a party, but we did make him a fun cake with legos fighting on it. :)

We also took the kids to Get Air for the first time. It was the perfect way to celebrate our Talmage- he is so full of energy!

The next week I turned 26. I feel like birthdays for adults aren't very exciting so we will skip this part, but here are some pictures to prove that we did celebrate ;)

We've also been busy going to the beach, smelling the flowers, going to soccer & ballet, riding bikes outside, and taking walks almost every day. This warm weather is the BEST. 

Oh, and I've started an obsession for perler beads. If you are familiar with them, you may cringe a little. If not, well...your mind will be blown looking at some perler creations on Pinterest. We found out they are PERFECT for Minecraft stuff, so Talmage and I kinda love it. I may have gone a little nuts and ordered thousands of beads in dozens of different colors...and then spent many hours sorting the beads by color. But hey, it's not an unhealthy hobby, my son thinks I'm much cooler now, and my OCD is thanking me. :D

I'm excited for May! Bring it on, Oregon!

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