Wednesday, October 7, 2009

True Blessings

Today was really special. We went to the doctor this afternoon and got to hear our little bun's heartbeat for the first time. It sounded like galloping horses and that was music to my ears. It is amazing to me that this child already has full-functioning organs and a healthy heart. My, they grow fast!

I also got my dreaded flu shot, which made my arm sore, but I'm glad it's out of the way. Thank goodness! It's flu season now and lots of people in this area have it. I actually had a mild flu last week (I say mild but it made me miserable) so hopefully that's good and gone for a while.

Jonathan is currently at the library studying with classmates, and I'm home alone thinking that our living room needs to be re-arranged. For some reason it doesn't look right at all- last night we re-arranged our bedroom and it looked SO much better. But in our living room we have this stuff that doesn't match and two very long couches that make it difficult to position. I think that tonight I'll have to take care of this mess...though Jonathan will do all the lifting and moving cause 1)I can't lift my left arm above my shoulder and 2)pregnant women get excused for everything.

Man, classes are getting tough! I can't wait to graduate at the end of the semester and have it done with. Right now all I wanna do is be a mom- that's it. I really think that Heavenly Father has a purpose for a growing child to be in the womb for nine months--it's preparation time in so many ways. I couldn't just snap my fingers next April and say "Okay, I want a baby now!" I wouldn't have had any time to FEEL how life would change. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am grateful for this time in between July and April. Very, very grateful.

If I haven't said it already- this weekend is gonna rock. We're going to a wedding in the same beautiful temple that we got married in- Bountiful. We haven't been back since December 19th and I think it's time we do. And on Friday night we're visiting with Sarah and Josh!! God bless faithful friends- and I mean those friends that love you no matter what. If you haven't talked in a year they feel no weirdness in seeing you again and having it be just like old times. Not that this is the case with the Robison's because we've kept in touch pretty well (that is, Sarah and I).

People say that friends come and go, people change, life moves on, etc. That has been true for most of my friends, but not for Sarah. I have known Sarah since I walked into Primary at age 10. We were friends instantly and I asked if she wanted to sleepover. She did, we had fun, and we were best friends from there on. In high school we both made more, new friends but could always title each other THE BEST FRIEND. I don't know why this was...we are pretty different from each other. I think that what holds the glue together is our mindset on life. We share the same logic and much of the same emotion. We both have strong testimonies of the gospel. We love ourselves, and our family, and our husbands. She is that one friend that I sincerely feel is happy for me when she says she is. So what is there that wouldn't keep us together? I say, there is nothing. One day she'll be old and I'll be old and we'll sit across from each other and smile toothless grins and laugh at ourselves because life is great. That's just how it is between us, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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SBR said...

this made me tear up! thank you for the pictures too, i love them all and love the memories that come with seeing them again. you are amazing Lindsey and i love you. i can't wait until we're old and toothless (except for maybe we'll have both probably discovered the wonderful world of dentures...haha) and still talk to each other. thank you so much for always staying true to who you are and never pushing me away because of different circumstances. love you lots : )