Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Lessons

I've been a mom now for two whole weeks. This is what I've learned...

1. Those cutsie, narrow shaped spit-up rags are useless. Cloth diapers prove much more effective.
2. Nursing every 1-3 hours day and night is the most physically exhausting task I have ever taken on.
3. Baby poop is stringy and very strange-looking, but it doesn't really smell.
4. This kid's startling reflex is nearly every 5 minutes...I just want him to know he's not going anywhere.
5. The only time I have to get anything done (for myself or the apartment) is when he is sleeping. So far he's pretty good about that.
7. It is a good thing he has so many little outfits, because on average he pees on 5 of them every day.
8. Little boys like to aim and shoot when their diaper is being changed. Sometimes its funny, but not at 3 am.
9. I wanna give a hallelujah when he burps.
10. No matter how tired I am after a long night, I can't help but love this boy for every little thing :)


SBR said...

i think those cloth diapers are what my mom used for us too (as burp cloths i mean)! I remember they were white and probably right? It sounds like you're doing really well and I love seeing new pictures of talmage and how his little features are changing all the time! it's amazing. he's just so darn cute. : )love you.

Nate and Joelle said...

Yes the diapers as burg cloths are amazing! You look so good for just having a little man 2 weeks ago! And I love your family pic on the side, so cute!!!!!

Michael and Rachael said...

Congrats! You are probably the best mom ever! He is so lucky! You look fantastic! Your little family is SO cute!

Jill said...

Being a mom is such an adventure. You never appreciate motherhood the way you should until you're a mother least I didn't and I am still learning so much.
I saw on a craft blog a thing called a wee wee wigwam for changing boys diapers... here's the link if you want to check it out. should be easy enough to make.
i bet you could make them with felt and a hot glue gun if you wanted and they would still be washable.
Something Justin and I did with Katie was to open her diaper and blow a little air on her then see if she started peeing and cover up with the diaper. and we'll always kept a cloth diaper/burp rag right next to her so that if the pee caught us off guard we could just throw the burp rag over her little girl parts and prevent it from going everywhere...aka carpet, bedding, etc. and now this comment is the longest ever. I'll stop. good luck with future diaper changes.