Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Happy Days

I just got back from my 39 week appointment and all seems to be going pretty good. I am 1-2 centimeters dilated and 95% effaced! Eeek! That explains the pain...but apparently its a good sign that labor will go smoothly. The nurse touched the baby's head and that was kinda weird...it made him really squirmy. Oh yeah, and I've gained six lbs. in the last week- making it a total gain of 30 lbs. over the course of the pregnancy. Glorious! I know most of it is water weight but boy..I surely hope I can get back into my pre-pregnancy shape someday. And if not, so be it. All I know is that I am so ready to meet this baby!It will be interesting to see when Talmage arrives...Jonathan is now officially done with his school obligations and can miss class for the rest of the week if he needs to (but something tells me he won't have to). His parents are coming on the 9th for graduation but only staying a few days...and if I make it by the 13th with still no baby then most likely the doc will make me wait it out. He doesn't like inducing people when it is their first child. So lucky me I get to wait around to go into labor naturally :) However, if I hit 42 weeks I am demanding induction!

Jonathan's job prospects for the summer are looking up! Remember when I posted that his only option was going back to Heise? Well, he has since been interviewed by Fish & Game and the Bureau of Land Management. Both expect to call in the next few weeks to let him know if they want to hire. And he just got an email from the Forestry Service saying that they have reviewed his application and will get back to him soon. So...it could be anything, but our fingers are crossed for BLM since they pay the best and provide the best experiences. I'm just glad that he will be doing something that is related to his major. The Lord is truly blessing us.

Easter was nice and relaxing this year. It's probably the first year I haven't participated in an Easter egg hunt as either the egg-finder or egg-concealer, haha. I did make Easter baskets for Jonathan and I with lots of yummy sweets just for the heck of it, and it was good while it lasted. J was going to have a fishing outing with his buddies on Saturday but it was snowy so he stayed home with me instead :) We watched all sessions of General Conference in the comfort of our home and boy was I grateful for a comfy couch...the talks were amazing and testified to me once again of the love that our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ have for us. I love being a part of this gospel and it has brought every good thing into my life.

I've been trying to keep myself busy while waiting out these last few days...I learned how to make binkie holders from a model that Megan made and gave to me. It was super easy and only $14 for all the supplies.
And now I'm going over to Jill's to learn how to sew some blankies for Talmage. Should be interesting! I've used a sewing machine before but it's a slow-moving process...however, even if they turn out bad it's okay because the fabric is so darn cute! I waited for FOREVER for it to go on sale.

Yay for crafty baby things! I wish I could be *really crafty talented like some of the gals in my ward but I am learning :) and it just gets me more anxious for baby Talmage.

Everyone cross your fingers for me!


Logan and Ashleigh said...

OH YEAH YEAH YEAH!! We are totally praying for you!
And P.S. you look gorgeous!

Emily said...

yay Lindsey!! I am so excited for you guys and I can't wait to meet little Talmage!!

You are so crafty! Those binki holders are so cute!! I can't wait till I have a baby and you teach me to make those! :)

Layla said...

I was going to make you a binkie holder too, but it looks like you are covered with that accessory. What kind of clips did you use? They look different than the ones that I have. I really like the buttons that you have to cover the clips. Are those scrapbook stuff? They are really cute.

Sewing a blanket is a good choice for a first sewing project. Once you get the hang of it you will want to sew a million different things!

Jill said...

you are so cute. I love your pictures and everything else. I sure hope you like how the blankets turned out. I think they are cute. and those pacifier holders are adorable!!!! I found a website that teaches how to make little boy bow ties. so if you want to learn along with me we can try to together. You could make a bow tie for his blessing day...just a thought.
It's been fun sewing with you.

SBR said...

those binkie holders are incredibly cute!! you're becoming such a cute mom and homemaker : )

IdavD james said...

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