Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 Months

Talmage is almost 8 months old! I honestly can't believe how fast time has just seems like last week I was holding his little 9 lb. body and looking at his scrunched up newborn face. Being a mother has taught me so much. I feel like since Day 1 Heavenly Father has been teaching me one lesson at a time, shaping me into the person I am now. I love my son more than I ever knew I could love.

Some things that he can do now are: clap his hands together, dance to music, sign for "milk", balance standing up with one hand on something, and shake his head "no". hehe...we love that last one. Sometimes we'll ask him questions like, "Are you going to sleep tonight?" and he'll shake his head no- it is so funny.

In about a week we are headed towards Louisiana. I can't wait to show my hubby my hometown in its fullest. He has been there once with me right after we got married, but it was a short visit and we couldn't do much. I am especially looking forward to sharing Christmas with my family! :) I think we did a good job on giving thoughtful gifts this year. We are constantly on a tight budget so we made it work in a different way :)

Well I guess that's all...I'm just gonna go back to watching P.S. I Love You now...(which I got for $2 Black Friday shopping!)

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SBR said...

what a great movie : ) i love the new layout too! you have such a beautiful family and could i maybe sneak in your suitcase on your way to louisiana? loves and misses